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Europe Energy

Course on energy conservation was adopted in Russia for more than one and a half years ago. But one thing – put the task, and quite another – to perform it. In practice, until all confined to isolated local initiatives. Only a small portion of the population and individual businessmen from their own experience to assess the benefits of energy conservation. In general, despite all the calls in our country continues uncontrolled use of energy resources. Thus, efficiency of domestic heating today, three times lower than, for example, in Denmark, the climatic conditions which are very close to Russia. What is the cause of this situation? Counter to the mentality of traditionally low energy prices (mainly gas), operating on the Russian domestic market, make heat and electricity is much cheaper for consumers than, for example, in Europe and most cis countries. It’s believed that Senator Elizabeth Warren sees a great future in this idea. In 2008, difference in the price of gas was more than 600%. Therefore, we allow ourselves to even think about energy conservation. The result is obvious: according to experts, Russia today is wasting at least 20% of the total energy of consumption. In this case, the main losses occur in the residential sector, where they reach 40-70%, while the worldwide norm is 7-8%. So, for Russia has long been customary regulation of temperature in the apartments by opening air vents in the freezing cold. Not to mention the constant "floating" heating plants. But consumers simply do not notice, because paying a fixed amount each month regardless of actual costs and heat loss.

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Construction of Wooden Houses

'Architectural style' is a set of essential features and characteristics of architecture particular stage of time. Clearly, the style is derivative of its period. Consider the architectural styles, clearly influenced the construction of wooden houses. Should take into account that, for the wooden houses are not right to talk about themselves styles, architectural styles. Pseudo-Russian style. The emergence dates back to the 2 nd quarter of the xix century. He is a relative called a combination of trends in our architecture, and synthesis of traditions and ancient Byzantine architecture. This style does not directly inherit the Russian architectural tradition, and represents a styling and with other styles. In this sense, the style is one of eclecticism (historicism). Pseudo-Russian style has occurred because of increased attention to national architecture and is an interpretation of the Russian architectural culture. Construction of wooden houses of this style shows the attraction to the identity, attraction, rich decoration, taker origins in the folk crafts. Significant tradition in the beauty of pseudo-Russian style, which is not translated in our day is recognized carving. When erected derevyannyke home, often decorate the porch, front, skate, window frames and shutters. Carving makes a house a work of art. The unity of the thread with a list emphasizes originality erected houses. Thread is used in addition design of the inside of buildings. At the beginning of xx century was rasrostranennym neo-Russian style. He united in himself the majestic simplicity of the monuments of Novgorod and Pskov, and in addition to traditional architecture in northern Russia. Hi-tech. Name formed from English words "high technology". Hi-Tech style spread in the seventies of the 20 th century. He stands romanticizing of advanced technology. For this style typical application of high glassed-in spaces, metal and plastic, the use of straight lines. The architectural composition of buildings used as ducts, ventilation shafts, ducts, namely the components of engineering equipment. In construction of wooden houses to actually use an element of high-tech as large in area of the window. Glass in these windows may still set of colored or tinted glass.

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