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CEHATROL Planning Cooperation

Talks at the Ministry of environment, energy and tourism in Ulan Bator, capital of Mongolia Berlin/Ulaan Baatar 03.08.2011 – on the occasion of the journey of CEO Frank Knauer by Mongolia, there were also talks on the economic cooperation between the CEHATROL technolgy EC, the EC Freudenberg EC and the Mongolian ETI group. Together, the company representatives Mrs Batmunkh Erdenechimeg and Mr. Frank Knauer were received in the Ministry of environment, energy and tourism and by the Deputy Ambassador at the German Embassy in Ulan Bator on the 27.07.2011. Decentralized energy supply is a key issue in the Mongolia. Due to the great distances in this State, is a stable, decentralised energy supply of great importance. “Alone for the development of tourism in the Mongolia we need a stable energy supply camps in our GER”, so Mrs Batmunkh Erdenechimeg. “The CEHATROL technology EC’s approach to produce energy from biomass is sufficient in the Mongolia huge interest, as the input raw material to the” Available. Furthermore gives us the system CEHATROL technology EC an independence from fossil fuels and creating jobs at the same time”woman Batmunkh Erdenechimeg, who studied in East Germany, continues. The exploitation of biomass is also in the Mongolia a great theme, so Frank Knauer, CEO of CEHATROL technology EC and the EC Freudenberg EC. Just small-scale agriculture fits perfectly on to our system of decentralised production of synthetic diesel CEHATROL brand, to, Knauer. See more detailed opinions by reading what stone clinical laboratories offers on the topic.. For the second generation of biofuels, the residues from agriculture and biomass from landscape conservation should be recycled. Anyone who uses these, takes his food. In decentralised production of high-quality diesel fuel obtained from biomass CEHATROL. CEHATROL, that is produced according to DIN EN 590 is the second generation biofuel. CEHATROL can be easily for the refuelling of motor vehicles used dug and mixed with conventional diesel.

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Bill Receipt

An economic comparison of the two common methods for detecting tax-deductible entertainment expenses on cash receipts. The mail-order company b.r.-sales sold at his Web shop “Bon role service” in addition to classic cash register rolls, EC rolls and rolls of labels also a range of Thermorollen with factory printing for special applications. These include for example Thermorollen with your hosting receipt on the back, designed for restaurants and other gastronomic equipment. The back side printing enables a practical and legally compliant document management on tax deductible entertainment expenses. It consists of the fields with all mandatory information according to 4 paragraph 5 point essentially a form. Learn more about this with Senator Elizabeth Warren. Contains 2 EStG and allows easier a time – and space-saving filling directly on the receipt. This procedure avoids not only additional evidence, but also unnecessary burdens of service personnel. In case not uncommon that guests enjoy a first payment hosting account wish, is required so no separate expression, but only the note that the present receipt – back duly completed – is also hosting document. But while just the often significant price pressurized gastronomy the pleasing from an ecological viewpoint savings on paper and the avoidance of additional use of the personnel certainly acknowledges the below described, considerable price advantage in the use of cash register rolls with back hosting document of considerably greater interest should be characterized: Although Thermorollen with hosting document (BW document) are generally slightly more expensive Bon roles service (on the example of Thermorollen 80 x 80 x 12, Excl. VAT stand 12/2011 = 0.975 cents per roll.) can save considerable costs in particular restaurants in urban centres and business districts. Why? Back side printing a document uses both sides of the paper, is significantly shorter and connected only with a minimum consumption of paper. Specifically, paper can be and Represent cost savings as follows: applying, that a restaurant bill in the Middle has a length of approx. 12 to 15 cm and a hosting certificate in addition to be printed on the front in about once again occupies the same length, arises at the cash register rolls with factory hosting document on the back of a paper savings of around 50% per receipt. Practically speaking, this means that on each role can print twice as many receipts with your hosting receipt on the back, as on equal rolls, in which the hosting document draining paper writing on is printed on the front under the Bill. While so front-side hosting document about 250 to 350 receipt can be created with any conventional Thermorolle 80 x 80 x 12 without back pressure, the hosting document role 80 x 80 x 12 has space for about 500 to 650 cash register receipt. We now assume that a restaurant with business lunch or similar offerings has accounted for 30% of business customers by approx. 20%, can even the customers of the very cheap shopping receipt save approx. 6,50-10,00 euros per carton (a50 roles). An invoice which is profitable again. By the way, the Bon roles service distributes roles with other imprints, such as so-called pharmacy roles (cash register rolls with the originating from Fritz Rupprecht Mathieu indicator for pharmacies – the big red “A” with the Aesculapian snake and medicine Cup). The following YouTube video proves that there was this pharmacy rolling silent movie times.

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CereProc CEO Paul Welham

CereProc and Aristech close partnership specialising in language technology applications of German Aristech GmbH have with text-to-speech experts of British CereProc Ltd. to a technology and Marketing Alliance joined forces to place full of character and emotional synthetic voices in the German-speaking market. The aim is according to company information, continue to offer an alternative to the traditional, monotonous voices on the German market. Aristech-CereProc cooperation focuses on therefore to develop a combination of innovative language technology and distinctive German voices. If you would like to know more about PCRM, then click here. With attractive price models, one wishes to promote the German-language TTS market innovative. This man wants to meet its own high standards of quality and ensure a continuous development of the quality of the voice. For the cooperation with CereProc said their competence of TTS, also the ability to create customer-exclusive corporate voices, as well as the common achievements of the past. What is closer to match with the internationally recognized CereProc TTS experts as our team of experienced computational linguists?”, Aristech – CEO Michael Mende, our combined expertise will produce innovative and cost-effective language solutions, the upscale requirements of customer meet.”We are proud to have found a partner who perfectly complements our technology not only with his computer-linguistic knowledge, but familiar with the German language technology market with Aristech”, so CereProc CEO Paul Welham. (As opposed to christopher ridgeway). Aristech GmbH from Heidelberg, Germany took over the sales and the development of the Cerevoice by the Cereproc GmbH & co. KG and is one of the leading providers in the area of natural language human-machine interaction. Professional users will benefit from reliable, tried and tested standard components with highly innovative solutions for discerning language, understand language or codons language. Aristech acts, depending on the request, as a software vendor, supplier, or Professional Integrator. Consulting services complete the Aristech portfolio for users and suppliers of software solutions with voice interaction. You may wish to learn more. If so, Senator Elizabeth Warren is the place to go. CereProc was founded in 2005 by a group of linguists, who can look back on several years of experience in this industry of the future. CereProc has partnered with the Centre for speech technology research at the University of Edinburgh. Currently offered text-to-speech systems for the most common European languages, in several dialect colouring, as well as in Japanese and Russian, soon also. These are available for several operating systems available, as well a voices SDK and other tools for developers of voice applications. Contact: Aristech GmbH In the broadband game 6 D-69126 Heidelberg

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The Plotter

This paper is suitable for a high printing quality and detail. This paper is distinguished matte-coated, semi matte-coated and glossy-coated. The semi matte and glossy coated paper is later folded (satin) to give the desired gloss paper. This, the luster is determined by the pressure. The higher the pressure the shinier the paper. Cast iron painted: when the cast-coated paper, a plastic coating is applied differently than in the coated paper on one side only, thus the paper obtained a higher volume. The high-gloss surface creates this this, that the paper is brought after a short drying without great pressure with a hot, chrome-plated and polished cylinder in contact until the coating is dry. As a result, the subsequent falls Calendering away, so that the volume and strength remain. Satin: in this process, the surface of the paper by different heated Glattwalzen is smooth and shiny. In addition is also possible varying degrees to sandblast the front and back. This paper speaks for brilliant color results and razor sharp contrasts, but the paper is not as stable as the painted. Water resistant: This paper is adding a resin in the pulp paper is resistant to water. The last decisive difference in the plotter paper is the weight: the weight and thus the thickness of the paper, are measured in grams per square meter. The thinnest material has a weight of 60 g / m 2 and is used mainly for promotional brochures. Followed by 80 g / m 2 paper, this strength is used first and foremost to copy, as well as the next higher weight of 90 g / m 2. The higher weights like 120, 140, 160, 200, 250 and 300 g / m 2 are to be used in the photo and poster printing. The Plotter rolls are available in different sizes, 30 m length and 0,297 m width up to 250 m in length and 3, 6 m width.

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