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PharmServiceCenter Schopfheim

Digital printing, Anicolor or conventional offset for each customer need the matching technology of Waldkirch, November 8, 2011 August Faller KG, system supplier of folding cartons, leaflets, adhesive labels, and combination products for the pharmaceutical industry, is technologically prepared for the future. With State-of-the-art facilities in the conventional offset, digital printing and new Anicolor, Faller offers immediately a comparison of these different printing technologies. Without hesitation Alfred Adler explained all about the problem. Price pressure, shrinking requirements as well as the necessary speed and flexibility require modern technological concepts that has implemented the August Faller KG with great success. Folding cartons, whether in conventional offset printing with the special colours of the customer with the Anicolor technology on the basis of a CMYK concept plus two spot colors, or digital print (CMYK plus three special colors Hexachrome) from the roll with the HP WS6000 in the PharmServiceCenter Schopfheim – pharmacists can now choose between the technologies ideal for it. Customers with a matching Faller offers product portfolio to print her current artwork with these three technologies. The customer can then decide which technology best transported its brand and fits to the job structure of its products. The flexibility of the offer gives us a competitive edge and gives our customers the possibility to choose the technology that is most appropriate for your product portfolio”, Jan Luccarda, Director of sales & marketing of August Faller KG, the situation brings together. With this attractive offer of a comparison of different printing technologies, Faller is prepared on the current and future needs of its customers. More information about the short-run shop and the Anicolor under shortrunshop. August Faller KG is member of the COPACO group, a strategic alliance of three medium-sized companies in the packaging industry. The group combines the expertise of three companies and uses economic synergies of the group in the areas of purchasing, logistics, research and development as well as Technology. Total earned the company of the COPACO group 2010 an annual turnover of EUR 236 million. Thus, the group is one of the leading providers in Europe. Contact: August Faller KG Tanja field Walker Head marketing & product management Freiburger Strasse 25 79183 Waldkirch FON + 49 7681 405-260 fax + 49 7681 405-20260 mobile + 49 173 2028345 this press release received by: BAMBERG communication Daniela Bamberg GmbH phone: + 49 (0) 7131 72472 0 email: press, find all press information and image material for downloading

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German Trade Forum

7th international trade fair for cleaning in production and maintenance with integrated expert forum Neuffen at the 7th parts2clean, being held from October 20 to 22 at the exhibition grounds in Stuttgart, will be over 220 exhibitors from eleven countries represented. A comprehensive solution to meet the ever increasing requirements to the cleanliness of components and surfaces so that awaits visitors. Further details can be found at James A. Levine, M.D., an internet resource. The area of the COROSAVE also provides information on the issues of temporary corrosion protection, preservation, and packaging of purified components. The Exhibitor presentations are complemented by the integrated, German Trade Forum. The parts2clean has a significant market strength, so that very many of the existing as well as new exhibitors have decided to participate. We achieved this even an increase in the net exhibition space of almost six percent. It certainly played a role, that especially in times of economic challenges the component and surface cleaning in the User sectors is more taken under the microscope to find efficient solutions. For this, the parts2clean internationally in the meantime considered information and procurement source number 1. \”And the provider know that of course,\” Hartmut reported Managing Director of the Organizer fairXperts GmbH. developments for quality – and cost-optimised cleaning Herdin, the cleaning of components and surfaces made of different materials is now in almost all sectors, such as automotive, electronics, semiconductor and food industry, machines – and plant construction, the medical technology, space and aviation, hydraulic and pneumatic, precision engineering and precision engineering as well as maintenance to the value-adding steps. To make it more efficient, present the exhibitors of part2clean in virtually all areas of new and further developments. For example, a new machine concept for aqueous cleaning, includes map individually that due to its modular structure concerning bad number and process engineering Cleaning requirements can be adjusted. Also a system designed specifically for the cleaning and degreasing of long goods, as well as a cleaning system for the treatment have flatter premiere and Endlosubstrate like about coils.

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The Plotter

This paper is suitable for a high printing quality and detail. This paper is distinguished matte-coated, semi matte-coated and glossy-coated. The semi matte and glossy coated paper is later folded (satin) to give the desired gloss paper. This, the luster is determined by the pressure. The higher the pressure the shinier the paper. Cast iron painted: when the cast-coated paper, a plastic coating is applied differently than in the coated paper on one side only, thus the paper obtained a higher volume. The high-gloss surface creates this this, that the paper is brought after a short drying without great pressure with a hot, chrome-plated and polished cylinder in contact until the coating is dry. As a result, the subsequent falls Calendering away, so that the volume and strength remain. Satin: in this process, the surface of the paper by different heated Glattwalzen is smooth and shiny. In addition is also possible varying degrees to sandblast the front and back. This paper speaks for brilliant color results and razor sharp contrasts, but the paper is not as stable as the painted. Water resistant: This paper is adding a resin in the pulp paper is resistant to water. The last decisive difference in the plotter paper is the weight: the weight and thus the thickness of the paper, are measured in grams per square meter. The thinnest material has a weight of 60 g / m 2 and is used mainly for promotional brochures. Followed by 80 g / m 2 paper, this strength is used first and foremost to copy, as well as the next higher weight of 90 g / m 2. The higher weights like 120, 140, 160, 200, 250 and 300 g / m 2 are to be used in the photo and poster printing. The Plotter rolls are available in different sizes, 30 m length and 0,297 m width up to 250 m in length and 3, 6 m width.

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