Treatment Of Parasites

According to who, 14 major parasitic infections in the world are infected almost 5 out of 8.5 billion people, including various types of infections: roundworm – 1.2 billion, pinworms – 1.2 billion, amoeba dysentery – 500 million, hiv – 50 million , Hepatitis B – 350 million Hepatitis C – 500 million, herpes – 90% of the population, including 10-20% with clinical manifestations. Contact information is here: PCRM. Counts only those people who seek medical help. Speaking candidly christopher ridgeway told us the story. Do you have a friend who regularly examined for parasites? Draw conclusions! According to American clinicians in the world now knows 900,000 (nine hundred thousand!) Parasites, and every other U.S. citizen, is a carrier of latent infection. In Russia, things are even worse, because opportunities traditional medicine in the modern view is quite limited, resulting in people just do not expect to receive quality care. In addition, patients already scares the word "chemistry" with respect to drug. Enough to read the contraindications and side effects of any drug! Even if you think that is absolutely healthy, underwent a course of prophylactic treatment against parasites. Cleaned with Metovita and Artromaksa – natural herbal complex! Treatment of parasites includes three stages: 1.Ochischenie all organs and systems of the uninvited settlers.

2.Vosstanovlenie destroyed parasitic bodies. 3.Ukreplenie human immune system to minimize contamination in the future. Infection of human parasites can occur in various ways: food, water, placental, and air, including when dealing with other people and animals. If you eat several times a fallen tree from unwashed apples, strawberries straight from the garden, not breathed fresh herbs with boiling water, and washed it with water from wells or storage tank – dear summer residents, big, very big chance that you have occupied a gatecrashers.

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