The Patient

The patient needs to feel that it controls certain aspects of their existence. The stronger this feeling, more likely will be having a good quality of life.How to deal with the emotions all families, without exception, are experienced ups and downs in these circumstances. Many have seen that they better bear the difficulties sincere with other family members or any compassionate person who knows how to put in its place.But don’t be surprised if skipped you the tears in full conversation. Crying is an escape from tensions and penalties valve, and helps overcome the grief, says the book A Special Child in the Family. Although chronic disease should not be taken lightly, a good sense of humor helps to avoid pessimism. Serve to illustrate this point the joviality of the Du Toit family.

Collette, the sister more young Neil du Toit, explain the following: as we have learned to deal with various situations, we can laugh things that we think that others might seem terrible. But this way of acting helps to alleviate the tension keep positive attitude is very important. Current researchers indicate that the patient’s expectations are positive or negative tend to influence the outcome of the treatment. But how you can keep family optimism before a chronic condition?Family members bear better the problem when they focus on everything that is even possible, for them but not close our eyes to reality. The situation a father can return to us totally pessimistic points out, but you have to understand that we still have much.

We have life, family and friends. Questions that can make family doctor which course will follow the disease and what result will have? what are the symptoms and how can be controlled? what treatment options are there? does what side effects, risks and benefits each treatment? what actions should be taken to improve the situation, and what should be avoided? Ways to support the family there are those who are retracted to visits or offer help because they don’t know what to say or how to behave in such situations. Others may tend to be dominant and, by imposing what they consider useful measures, aggravate the pressure suffered by the relatives of chronic illness. So, how can you, reader, support family members without meddling in their private lives? Listening in sample of interest, listen carefully and let them blow off steam if they wish to speak. More likely is that want to do so if they see that you share feelings as a companion note, however, that there are no two people or two families that react equal to chronic ills. Therefore, does not recommend anything unless you know thoroughly the ailment or the situation offer practical assistance.

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