The Horses

mash well leaves and untelas in the wound; that the asngre are dry. The birds are looking for his shadow. (.) As above carpet go horses, how much of the lawn. Arriva the currujeyal gives to the blue sky, or the new Palm, or such that gives more fine, beloved bee, flower or the guasima or the jatia. () I see there the ateje, of tall and Petite, Cup of parasitic and while; the strongest Cuban palo away; the thick jucaro; the seedbed, silky skin; the jagua of broadleaves; the pregnant guira; the jubaban, whose leaves layer at back satin tobacco; Mahogany rough rind; the quiebrahacha of striated and opened branches in trunk stiff; the caimitillo, el copey and the itching and the yamagua that tight blood () and for everything there is in the world, even for the Mule that refuses to walk, because the resistance is not but who goes out to travel without the remedy, which is a lemon or two, that remedy is you migrancy and well rubbed on nails to the Mule, and keep walking. The vague light on one side and another of the wide road was all American nature: most gallardos were treading the horses in that floresciente, corsada countryside of mountains in the distance, where the lush mango has foot thick cane: the handle was in flower, and the mature orange tree, and a fallen Palm, with the very root of thread that it turns on even to the Earth () and going talking, honey lemon, which is the very boiled juice curing stubborn ulcers; (()) against a wall broken sleep a stack of guayacancillo, the wood of life, burning like a torch, with his hard heart ()) good mahogany, Captain litter is () see annex plants use Marti describing and found in the mogote; both medicinal as of interest dendrologico.

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