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Cooking Machine

Today was the memorable day when I realized that life is not so rosy and fair, as I previously thought. The thing that woke up this morning, I discovered next to a cooking machine, as I sometimes call it (and then for the eyes because my life more like it), that is my favorite. But I'm not confused, because this to me is not the first time and, having collected all the will in a fist (do not laugh at my size will), he decided that although I'm not a camel, but I can live a day without food about how much I was wrong In my head after a half-day started flickering images of first death, the whole life flashed before my eyes – a short and stupid. But like an angelic vision, my phone rang and Oh God – She calls it tell me about your mom, your girlfriends, shoes, I think. But somewhere vseredine monologue she talked about how I can cook to eat. I did not betray this value, because my brain immediately to level the concepts: Choi alive = Cyborgs among us = house 2 ever end = prepare a meal yourself. But from the depths of consciousness and self-preservation instinct fought his way and made changes in my perception of the matrix. James A. Levine, M.D. is open to suggestions. Here's what I was able to recover from what he heard on the telephone: For this recipe you'll need: Chicken – 300 g beet – 700 g potatoes – 500g brussels sprouts – 250g carrots – 2 tomatoes – 2 garlic cloves – 3 sweet peppers – two peas of black pepper – 4 cloves – 4 bay leaves – 4 of tomato paste – 1 tbsp. spoon vegetable oil – 2 tbsp. spoon recipe: 1. Oddly enough, but vegetables should be washed (here especially sensitive thrust of the screen and closed my eyes and ears with his hands) if you do not want to then run to the toilet or, God forbid, go to the hospital. Then they need to shred (well, if is easier said then cut or chop, but for the ax to climb too early). 2. Divide chicken into small pieces. 3. We collect half of the 5.4-liter pots (for those of bachelors who can not course – it is a bucket with handles on each side) of water and all ingredients are asleep in a saucepan. 4. Cook until done (determine willingness to puncture the already stricken potato), salt to taste and eat with sour cream and herbs (do not forget yourself crack up, otherwise there is a risk that the soup will be half-way, and that we committed to anything). Bon Appetit!

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