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Creative Career Doing

Information day at the Academy of German POP sitting on 18 April in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich with bands on the mixer, organize concerts or websites design for companies the Academy German POP music paves the way into exciting careers with 38 practice-oriented training in the areas of sound, management, design, image and communication. ity by clicking through. The entry is possible quarterly. The Academy in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich has locations. Go to next semester, which begins in early April, 21 brand new training courses at the start. Among other things with the Mastering is engineer”. At the time very many requests are”, so Rudiger Veith, Managing Director of music support group / Academy German POP. The mastering engineer”offered nowhere else and is therefore unique in Germany. On 18 April, the Academy envisions all interested parties. All four sites will open their doors from 2 pm until 6 pm. Snacks and drinks, exciting workshops are offered between those lecturers for questions to the Available. All those who are interested in an education in music or media area, are welcome, also in the company of friends and family! More information and registration: German/info day /.

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Peer Review Process

After the submission to a scientific journal based on any scientific career is an increasing over time number of publications. Can perform editing and related services by the Publisher, publication of the books. Alternatively the author has recourse already from the preliminary phase of the publication process on third party vendor, specialising on editing services. They then take the editing function and significantly increase the ratio of the probability of publication. The lecturer is accompanying the page during the creation of the book of the author. Their function is not choose which book to be published but in the formal and content optimization of in the development work. This behaves fundamentally differently for the publication of articles in scientific journals. The author has no access to the experts in the anonymous running assessment procedure and can their feedback in the best case only once in improving their work integrate. This is usually the hurdle to the publication. It comes from on the part of the evaluators the manuscript to revise and resubmit (revise & resubmit) can a prompt careful review and re-submission to be reckoned with a publication. Here, the question to what degree an author has to take into account the suggestions of the experts is being on. Also it can be problematic in dissent of two referees, to decide which parts of the manuscript to be edited as. It is both the proposals of the lecturers to discard the possibility or to accept. Both must be probably thought about and even opposite is based. Should it be a rejection at this late stage of the opinion process, the criticised points for a publication in a different journal can be revised and clarified. Should be careful always that ultimately not the lecturers but the own Specified name and thus the scientific reputation of the author on the published articles. This should be in the balance, despite harsh criticism and widespread calls for the revision, the publication should be promoted whether incorporated. A small possibility of orientation in the Peer Review is a process by the guidelines dictated by the science institutions. So, the Committee on publication ethics (COPE) has published guidelines for a proper process of Peer review. This very general guidelines for proofreading service to ensure a scientific and organisational minimum standard for the evaluation of manuscripts. Required process as transparent and efficient as possible to make the Peer Review, the editors of a journal are first and foremost. Only they can create the organizational requirements to provide authors, ReviewerInnen, the scientific community in toto, as well as himself, even with the best possible results. Enago – Crimson interactive Pvt. Ltd.

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Online Marketing SEO SEM Social Media

A day – all topics! Well structured and understandable explained, with numerous practical examples and show-cases. In: Hamburg on April 30, 2010 the day seminar offers a quick introduction to SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing, Web 2.0 and social media marketing. A day – all topics! Well structured and understandable explained, with numerous practical examples and show-cases. The benefits of online marketing are obvious. And yet the potential of the Internet as a marketing tool is still not adequately exploited in many companies. There are just many growth reserves in times of tight marketing budgets. A variety of different instruments has now established itself in online marketing: search engine optimization (SEO), keyword advertising (SEM), affiliate marketing and affiliate programs, newsletter and email marketing are as well as website usability, Web 2.0 applications and social media services (SMS). Dates: February 26, 2010 – March 05, 2010 Berlin – Frankfurt/Main 12.03.2010 – Bautzen 30.04.2010 – Hamburg – Leipzig may 28, 2010 – may 21, 2010 Berlin June 17, 2010 – June 18, 2010 Dusseldorf – Frankfurt/Main 10.09.2010 – Munich 12.11.2010 – 19.11.2010 – aims to Frankfurt/Main Berlin Seminar, Goldmedia and azionare, a safe and practical navigation through the increasingly complex network of various online tools to offer. Online marketing seminar is suitable for beginners and advanced alike. 1 search engine optimization (SEO) optimization of placement in the search engine rankings taking into account how of the crawler on keywords, meta tags and page layout measures to optimize the site and the environment of 2 keyword advertising (SEM) Google AdWords and Yahoo search marketing generating keywords (keywords) and subject-specific word combinations developing meaningful and promotional ad text design and implementation of a landing page set up user account and campaign regional and national customers optimization by click-through rate (CTR) and quality score factors and optimization of the campaign 3.

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