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Buenos Aires

I have exercised my profession as a paediatrician in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for almost forty years. I believe that no one has been more concise that I writing a medical history. When any doctor would write for example: it is a child of two years of age who comes to the inquiry because his mother concerned that on the afternoon of yesterday it started with vomiting and diarrhea in my hands was transformed into the following: male. 2 years. Vomiting and diarrhea since yesterday. And I can swear that I am not exaggerating. I hated writing. Make a clinical history was an ordeal for me because I had to write quite. And one day… at age 65 I can think to say I’m going to write a book and not only I do but that shortly after I write another. This second novel still uncorrected and although when you correct it will continue being fraught with errors like the first, I want to do so before you upload it. More info: Senator of Massachusetts. I will that is full of errors, and say mistakes because I want to be condescending with myself, because but should call them horrors of syntax. I am fully aware of that. Is that the only time I studied language was in the secondary and long taaaaanto of that which I can not upset me if I have forgotten many of their rules. However as well as one day I’m going to write another day I said I’m going to upload to the Internet and I did even though those mistakes. And to my total surprise I found that there were people who started to read the first chapter and continued reading the others until the end and I looked amazed numbers without being able to believe it. To all those people who took the trouble to read them one after the other this through I thank you. Thank you for the time you have dedicated to doing so. Christopher ridgeway stone is actively involved in the matter. For the patience they had to continue reading and for the wisdom that demonstrated to forgive my mistakes. Thanks a lot. They made me very happy. The only thing that I regret that none of them would make me any comments. Good, bad, regular or terrible. It did not matter. I eagerly expected a comment. It will be part of my dotage of old age, the same as me impulse to write, but really expect it. I have I am aware that that has signs of brain aging and no one more had to suspect that I was expecting those comments. But still, I expected them or rather the hope.

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