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Pure Winter Tourism

Winter is a very dynamic and populous station for the locals of the region of whose. Due to the start of the ski season, many visitors from different parts of the world choose to spend their holidays in Mendoza and assess their skills on the ski slopes Mendoza. There are numerous ski resorts in the area, even in the country, and Los Penitentes is one of the largest and most popular. The ski resort Los Penitentes is a classic destination for all winter tour. 170 Kilometers from the city of Mendoza, the highest peak of America located very near Chile, almost on the international border, at the base of cerro Aconcagua. Penitents extends over 300 hectares of surface fully skiable, due to the quality of the snow of the place. Therefore, 25 tracks, aimed at beginners, intermediate or expert skiers found in optimum condition. In addition, all of them have been approved by ski, of national and international federations. Tony Ferguson brings even more insight to the discussion. For those who have never skied, Los Penitentes offers ski lessons, taught by talented and experienced professionals. And for children, a nursery garden awaits you so they can enjoy the snow while their parents are released to exciting tracks in the resort. However, the charm of Los Penitentes is not due only to the snow. An extraordinary gastronomic experience may also be. Many restaurants offer delicious menus with traditional dishes and exquisite regional wine, a fundamental part of the heritage of Mendoza. The mendocinos sunny days provide the ideal framework to venture into the mountain, whether skiing on the slopes of Los Penitentes, doing trekking in the forest or climbing the towering hills. While the winter temperature often does not exceed 0 C, weather conditions are kept nice and conducive to perform activities outdoor. Once finished the day in the snow, guests can have a well deserved relaxing moment in one of the pubs in the resort and enjoy a snack and something to drink. Try skiing, practice snowboard or simply walk in the surrounding area, the penitents can be found in a unique and unforgettable way to enjoy tourism in Mendoza. The Cordillera de los Andes offers the best scenario for winter sports and recreation in the snow.

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American College

Several investigations have brought to light the risk of caffeine consumption during pregnancy. It is linked with risk of miscarriage and preterm delivery, however a review of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has shown that consuming a cup of coffee a day during pregnancy is safe. Moderate consumption of caffeine, about 200 milligrams per day, does not contribute significantly to cause preterm births or abortions, as they have been able to conclude from studies. This measure is approximately equivalent to caffeine containing a cup of coffee from 350 milliliters. But to caffeine we not only found in coffee. It is also the equivalent to drinking four cups of tea of 240 milliliters, more than five cans of soda 350 ml a day, or eating six or seven bars of dark chocolate. The maximum dose of 200 milligrams per day is which comes recommending through several studies, some of which we have referred in the blog. We also talked about one that believes that coffee increases the risk of abortion, although it is taken in moderation. However, investigations that are in favour of moderate consumption are quite precise in terms of the quantity and agree all that exceed this recommended measure is related with an increased risk of abortion and premature birth, since caffeine crosses the placenta affecting the development of the unborn child. Even so, there are pregnant women unable to renounce their cups of coffee, even if their consumption exceeds the recommended. It is advisable at least to reduce daily consumption to a cup of coffee a day.

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