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Wishes Come True

Sometimes it happen that you felt resentment and bitterness that life is not fair to you? And you cried in their hearts: 'Why, why one – all but me – nothing? How is it that someone goes to all, as if by magic, and I have so many things to do, and I still do not get what they want? " Self-pity, disappointment and sadness – that's what we feel when our life is not as it should. If nothing is done, then these feelings can escalate into aggression and anger, and this is a direct path to disease and poverty. (Similarly see: Wall Street). If you decide to change, it is much easier than you think. Continue to learn more with: stone clinical laboratories. Your life will improve as soon as you finish reading this post until the end. Cause-effect first, from what you need to get rid of, so it's the thought that one is given, while others – not. DOJ shines more light on the discussion. In the world there are no special items the issuance of benefits, which are known only to your favorites. The Universe does not choose his favorites, she is equally generous to all and always responds our thoughts. What's happening in our lives is a direct reflection of what we think. Do you feel deprived? – In your life ever arise a situation where you feel that way. You feel happy? – Your life is filled with joyful events. This is how the law of 'cause-effect'. Our thoughts create our reality. Your future – in your thoughts today. Therefore, if you want to change for the better, start thinking positively.

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The Life

In my heart, "scratching cat, black dog, reluctant to live. Learn more at this site: Dr. Neal Barnard. Do not want to walk. Eat, drink, too, do not want to. You're looking for, and maybe find the cause: a conflict at work quarrel with a loved one, you are unfairly cheated, wronged or framed. Perhaps you are fired from their jobs, not given the salary, you poured mud on the street, you do not want to talk, you do not want to listen to, etc. etc., from broken nail to illness and death ones. And can not understand why, as sometimes happens, too? Regardless of your knowledge of the state of one thing: "soul pain", though "howl", though "on a wall climb. What thoughts come to mind? You think, why, why you, why to you so treated, what for you is, why, why, why? Then you think that now do with this? The idea of a psychologist there, but once swept aside. You are drinking jitter on time releases, and then everything comes back. Or get drunk alcohol, take-out time the next morning everything is compounded many times over thanks to alcohol intoxication. The final result of reasoning in most cases (depending on complexity): 1) I have himself to blame (or blame others), must be "strong" pull themselves together, to endure and all will be adjusted, and 2) because the more I can not "burn all blue flame "," good-bye rocky mountains "- bang-bang, the noose on the flight from the skyscraper. Well, if the first option works, however, how much you're going to tolerate – month, year, 10, 30 years? And the life that passes by.

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