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Endangered Species

It is worth recalling that the idea of Gerald Durrell breed endangered species in zoos had many enemies. First, critics say, the last representatives of endangered forms can not be captured and put behind bars by moral and ethical grounds. And that, to sit and watch together with the tropical jungles are being cut down at the root of the whole direction of life? Second, predicted that the idea of Darrell require too many resources – such as ay-ay, hundreds and thousands. And each must choose your diet, to provide temperature and other modes, sometimes very specific, conditions of detention. And so, they say, is cheaper to create more parks. But have you ever have seen a continuous fence around these protected areas and poachers who are unable to overcome them? Recently, a professor at Oxford University, Norman Meyer calculates that a significant portion of threatened species can be saved, defending only 25 districts of the Earth. In these places, found 44% of all plant species and 35% of vertebrate species. However, the same Maier calls the figure of 2.5 billion dollars, which would be required to protect these areas only in the next 5 years (Magazine Nature, March 2, 2000). Where to get these funds? The idea of Darrell became a generally accepted scientific concept: collect, maintain, settle. And almost all major zoos in the world today are engaged in cultivation of rare species animals. Without captive breeding, many of them (the California condor, an American crane, bison, deer David, horse, white oryx and others) would have survived only in the form of stuffed animals in the Zoological Museum.

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