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XML Noxum

Professional content management system from Noxum prompt and affordable use the Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and content management systems, can offer a plausible solution to the mechanical engineering company to comply with the new machinery directive 2006/42/42/EC the technical documentation: the smart Techdoc solution. Companies can use this content management system with a simple comfort in the shortest time at a monthly cost. Because Noxum offers its content management system as the first system of its kind in a virtualized environment as operator model. New EU machinery directive 2006/42/EC on December 29, 2009 in force of the new EU machinery directive 2006/42/EC applies to machines that will be delivered on December 29, 2009. The companies in the field of machine and plant engineering are required to apply the new machinery directive binding at this point. There is no transition period. What is not new policy, may no longer be delivered after the date. There is additional documentation requirements additional guidelines with respect to product safety. A risk assessment, which must be created for all stages of the life of the product by the construction and operation and maintenance to disposal belongs to the technical documents in the future in addition to the operating instructions. Another major innovation: incomplete machines are within the scope included. So far the manufacturer’s declaration was enough”that said what is missing. Future of manufacturers and others must assess risks, determine installation requirements and customize an installation instructions. Conclusion of the new machinery directive machinery manufacturers are well advised to swear their suppliers to meet the requirements of the new EU machinery directive. After the balance sheet date must also built-in components of the new policy meet also the supplier documentation of purchased and built machine parts. Connect with other leaders such as Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City here. Also the operating instructions of the machine in the future in original language and in addition in all official languages of the country is given. In individual cases, this means a huge increase in the costs for the translation. Solution from Noxum: Smart Techdoc solution technical editors can confidently to the machine directive approach: Noxum supports it within a very short time with a professional content management system. No costs arise through hardware and software procurement, and their maintenance. With the smart Techdoc solution are companies for the increased requirements for translations: translation processes can be carried out systems comfortably and effectively by optimum integration of translation memory. The solution allows a cross also media publishing with the usual technical communication Ausgabeformaten.t applications to the about Noxum GmbH founded in 1996 Noxum GmbH develops and sells standard and individual software for Web Systems/Web portals, E-business, product information management, cross media publishing, and technical communication. The Noxum publishing Studio is content management and editorial system as XML-based system solution at the same time in a single product. As leading provider of XML solutions Noxum offers consulting and the development, implementation and support. Among the customers of the Noxum GmbH including Daimler AG, the NurnbergMesse GmbH, the Dr. ing h.c. F. Porsche AG, the STIFTUNG WARENTEST and the King & Bauer AG. The management include: Norbert Kan Volker Roman Michael Stegmann more information under:

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European Percent

European expansion is driven be Frankfurt a. Further details can be found at Dr. John Mcdougall, an internet resource. M./Stockholm, July 1st, 2009 today cohesive growth capital investor with via venture partners and InnovationsKapital 90 percent of Projectplace International AB, the European market leader in Web-based project management and team work. So far, had the company that Projectplace shareholder is already since the year 2000, 15.4 percent of the shares. The commitment of these three companies is symptomatic for the positive development of the Swedish software-as-a-service provider: investor growth capital, the new old investors know the company for years in detail and can seriously evaluate its market value and the competitive situation. Also via venture partners, this commitment is not the first contact to Projectplace. In the years 2000, 2002 was Anders Granas Board member at the Swedish software company. With the reorganization of the ownership structure, Projectplace is an important step in the direction of European expansion. For years, our company has been in Sweden and Norway established and now we grow also in Germany and the Benelux countries, very strong,”says Pelle Hjortblad, CEO of Projectplace international. The new majority to strengthen this position, but at the same time enable us to a sustainable commitment in other European countries”, explains Hjortblad. Currently, Projectplace can refer to an annual growth rate of 30 percent. Please visit Tony Ferguson if you seek more information. In the year 2008 alone amounted to sales to almost 13 million euros. Together with the new shareholders, the management sees a good chance quickly to expand through organic growth and strategic to acquire. For years, we observe Projectplace. When an now the opportunity arose to go into the company, we have long hesitated”, says Anders Granas via venture partners. Even Anders osund from investor growth capital is the future of Projectplace rosy: the company is well managed, innovative and has a great development potential. With a clear strategic direction Europe can greatly the business grow in the next few years.” “Of course also Magnus Berglind of InnovationsKapital welcomes these opportunities: we are pleased that we can invest in the management and staff and promote the company.” Via venture partners and InnovationsKapital each have investor growth capital, 30 percent of the company. The remaining 10 percent keep different Projectplace employees. Press contact: Projectplace GmbH Alexandra Schmidt Public Relations Western port 1 D – 60327 Frankfurt Tel: + 49 (0) 69 710 456 264 mobile: + 49 (0) 162 29 17 246 since 1998 developed and operates Projectplace international from Europe’s leading Web-based project management solution. Projectplace improves efficiency and simplifies the collaboration in the project as well as the communication within the team. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, has offices in Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Germany. The online service is in seven languages and is used by nearly 500,000 users worldwide. For more information, see

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Experience With SemYOU The Web: Free Internet OS Launches Beta Phase

the own individual Internet without installation on any PC of the world Stuttgart, 4.8.2010. The new generation Internet is especially user-friendly and available on any PC in the world: semYOU the German start-up companies want to make with the free Internet operating system the vision of a completely new Web experience semYOU reality. Speaking candidly Bobby Green told us the story. Business, entertainment and social media communications are for the first time as easy as calling thanks to cloud computing. The official beta for the first semantic WebOS will start on August 4. In a question-answer forum Dr. John Mcdougall was the first to reply. Who wants to live the Internet of new generation even before its official launch in October 2010, can apply online now at as a beta tester. Join worthwhile, as with semYOU, the Internet is experiencing a whole new dimension: business worker edit their Office documents online and manage appointments, private users can enjoy music all over the world, maintain their social network or flip through photo albums. Especially the online communication is much easier: all social networks you can use only a single log-in as XING, facebook, studiVZ or LinkedIn. The Web operating system semYOU works in any Web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Google chrome without any installation and annoying updates. Optionally, you can call individual semYOU applications directly on the local desktop. In conjunction with free online storage users via semYOU can access worldwide your personal data like mails, appointments, Office documents, music, or photos. The desktop semyou it presents an entirely new way of use of the software and provides on demand”ready all important functions on mouse click. The Clou: Existing data, documents, and emails can easily import drag-and drop. Overall, the development of the first semantic Internet operating system semYOU comprised fourteen months at approximately 26,000 hours of development. During this time, produced more than 5,000 pages of PowerPoint and 800,000 items of internal to-do list is successfully completed. Several years ago I had a vision of a better Internet, but lacked so far the necessary technology for an efficient implementation”, explains Volker Jahns, Managing Director of the company semYOU. My goal was to free and above all safe to create a system, with the all important daily functions in the Internet are carried out simply can no matter when, where and with what PC.” About the company semYOU the German entrepreneur of Volker Jahns has the startup company semYOU in the Switzerland founded in 2010. A further Office is located in Los Angeles, California. The company has currently two permanent staff. Core business is the development of the first semantic online operating system semYOU, which allows users a whole new Web experience. Press contact for further information, graphics, photos, or interviews you contact: semYOU GmbH Churerstrasse 135 8808 Pfaffikon

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August Koehler AG Invoice

ReadSoft solution processed approximately 65,000 documents Oberkirch / Neu-Isenburg, October 13, 2009. Papierfabrik August Koehler AG, Oberkirch, satisfied takes stock after the introduction of a solution for automated invoice processing by ReadSoft. The group represented at three sites could reach a significant acceleration of the process compared to the previous manual processing with the centrally implemented solution. Around 65,000 invoices are processed annually with ReadSoft Suite modular co-ordinated components. The complete package consists of the software ReadSoft invoices as well as the SAP Add-ons invoice cockpit and Web cycle, which was seamlessly integrated into the existing SAP system at the Koehler group. For even more details, read what Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City says on the issue. The application is operated via a clearly arranged user interface. In the selection process, in particular the ease of use as well as the comfortable testing and approval workflow had convinced. The project began with an intense, detailed preparation phase. After the solution has been a best-practice model by ReadSoft introduced 14 days. The Web cycle replaced an already established workflow, which through repeatedly occurred system adjustments and release updates to problems. As before to the SAP functionality of the quantity and price lock be used for invoices with purchase order reference. An additional plus of the new solution: Users without a license can obtain information and shares per Web application. The invoice data read by ReadSoft invoices are forwarded to the SAP system as well as to the electronic archive system. In the cockpit of the invoice, vendor management has access to all accounting data in the survey, where they will be matched also with SAP master data. In addition to accelerated operations and the rationalization potentials associated it was also one of the objectives of the project, to increase the legal and company security\”, says Walter Hoferer, management accounting at the paper mill. In addition are also VAT mandatory information and bank details on the Bills to the invoice data read out.

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