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Brazil Democracy

The classroom which each one belongs is established then by the relation degree that if has with ' ' benefcios' ' cited previously, this generates a hierarquizao of the society, where the most favored they finish being superior to less the most favored, thus determining, also the paper that will be developed per item in the society. Then, the biggest classrooms finish for playing roles that subordinate the lesser classrooms. They are not abstained from these papers, the governmental positions. To speak in democracy in Brazil, is the same that to say in elections therefore the act to vote the biggest example of democracy practised in the country is considered. But it will be that it is really? Election is a process of choice of the controllers – they must represent the population, guaranteeing and fighting for its rights – of a country (it includes states and cities there), through the vote of its citizens. The Constitution defines them to be able politicians, including the vote, in its article 14, paragraphs I and II. In it is specified that the vote is obligator to all of 18 years to the 16 minor and physician and the greaters greaters of 18, greaters of 70 years and illiterates; is vetoed to the foreigners and during the military service. Analyzing this concept of election and this article, we can say that really all people have the right and obligation to choose its representatives, then, why exists this distorted concept so of democracy? Retaking the definition initial ' ' government of povo' '. The population votes in the people who if candidatam to some position – president, governor, senator – knowing that they will be who will go to represent them, this implies to fight for the rights – education, health, housing, feeding, security, transport? garantiz them. This could be yes, acceptable as democracy, but from the moment where these ' ' door vozes' ' they do not defend the necessities and wills of the population, this democratic system starts to be defective and normally it is this that happens.

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