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Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous translation is considered the most complex kind of translation, and simultaneous interpreter – is the most prestigious and highest paid translation profession among staff translation. Perform Simultaneous translation – it's hard work, according to the rules translators interpreters follow each other, performing translation every 15 – 20 minutes. If the interpreter works in a mode of interpretation all day tension and fatigue will be usually affect a couple of days. If an interpreter immediately the next day try to do, such as translation, the efficiency will be low. The optimum would be if the interpreter was able to arrange a day off to see the day when he will be engaged in simultaneous translation and a day off after the simultaneous translation. But this is rarely possible. Sometimes outsourcers follow one another, not Simultaneous translation exception. Maya Dubin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Prices for the interpretation offered by almost all the translation, respectively, above. Preparing for simultaneous translation is a specialist on the average one to two days (With complex topics of translation). If you recall the rest, who need an interpreter, after such hard work – it one more day. Thus, it appears that the payment for interpretation must be divided into three, and even on four days. Simultaneous translation also depends on the value of the equipment with which the simultaneous translation. Translation equipment is usually rented. If the customer offers payment simultaneous interpretation services that does not match labor costs of an interpreter for the interpreter is often more profitable to abandon the interpretation and run for two – three days of consecutive interpreting. Thus, one job will be equal to the number of other labor-intensive. But, nevertheless, each translator has their own preferences.

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