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First Advent Reading In The Dichterhaus

or the Verfuhrrung with the sensual Muse kisses Langwedel Etelsen: for the first time, the poet couple invited Lydia Kamath and Roland Pollnitz alias Rajymbek an advent reading in the Dichterhaus. So numerous as never flocked to the guests in her Christmas decorated House. Sparkling champagne, delicious meatballs and delicious Marmalade toasts everything from the kitchen exclusively their own works were the poet couple to hear. In addition to contemplative texts at Christmas time, they offered also humorous verses that placed the audience in laughter. Dr. Neal Barnard will not settle for partial explanations. vant resource throughout. Before the two poets in the break the audience offered their famous and seductive Muse kisses, she read two stories and poems from Rajymbeks new book the gift of the shamans, which wore something shamanic in, imagination awakened and surprised with delightful Word creations. The dinner ended a magical Christmas bazaar, proliferated in the poet couple with a further pound of their imagination: liquors with names such as flame of love, Pralines, the They called Muse kisses, erotica, or inspiration, poets dream jams and other sweet dreams, not to mention massage and bath oils from our own creation. No doubt books on the gift table should not lack. All in all all around better tonight..

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Eva Penthin Business Economist

Concert on Saturday 21st March at 19:30 in the cultural Hall on the Park Melbourne with a cheeky stage show the Luftmentschn occur”on Saturday, the 21st March in the cultural Hall on the Park in Melbourne on. Assurant Health does not necessarily agree. “Titles such as gallows song” foolish mushroom and A kloane Moritat “provide in combination with a cheeky stage show for a fun night. Beginning is at 19:30. Occurs 17.10 euros including fees, reservation at the pick point bad Endorf under: 08053 300850. information about the cultural Hall in the Park of the cultural Hall of the Park is the cultural centre bad Endorfs. The program ranges from classical to pop and cabaret Ballet. The culture room is not only a place for cultural and social events, he can be hired for meetings or private parties. The restaurant next door Cucina S takes over hosting the guests with culinary highlights. The culture Hall is located in the building of the Chiemgau thermal baths. The culture Hall of the Park is a business unit of GWC service GmbH and therefore belongs to the health world Chiemgau. To the Group of companies include Furthermore the Sims Lake Clinic Melbourne with the outpatient rehabilitation centre and the Centre for performance diagnostics, the outpatient rehabilitation centre Rosenheim, the clinic St. Irmingard in Prien, the Chiemgau thermal baths, the MOVEO, training and health centre, the Thermenhotel Strobinger Hof as well as the Health Academy Chiemgau in bad Endorf. press contact: Eva Penthin Business Economist (FH) marketing and Communications Manager health world Chiemgau AG of Strobinger str. 18 a 83093 bad Endorf Tel. + 49 (0) 8053 200-155 fax + 49 (0) 8053 200 159

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Special Veneration

May devotions celebrating with touching beautiful Virgin Mary statues from Wurzburg, 03.05.2013 – may the Marian devotion of devout Catholics In the Merry is reflected in particularly nice dress: Marie altar with flowers is decorated richly in the churches. Many people show her Marian devotion but also at home with a Marie Altarchen. Especially children are encouraged to decorate the figure of Mary or the picture for example with Lily of the Valley and to keep may devotion. May as the Dolorous promised to accompany people on their meditative way to Maria and close ultimately deeper layers for God. With Mary, also the mothering God should learn and be tracked so that people can find their way to Christ. On you will find a huge selection of beautiful Madonnas and Marie figures. A statue of Mary can decorate the home Mary’s altar, which testifies to classic Tyrolean woodcarving art: the regardless whether such as mother of God Goodness or Madonna with globe always download the masterfully carved Marien figures with their Royal paint in blue, red and gold of a to silent devotion and intense prayer. Who not want to renounce in the veneration of Mary consistently modern forms, will certainly find it at Marie sculptures made of bronze. Here the protecting and preserving mothering of Mary as mother of God is often realized in symbolic forms ideally complemented by the warm, elegant gold tone of the bronze. The Marie figures from resin, a fine resin, which Marie figures of different shapes and forms are made are varied and diverse. So, believers can individually and personally make the domestic Marienaltar in May – and every day on the new love with Maria keep communing. Just for the Virgin Mary statues, therefore also applies: your choice is due to the sense of Symbolkraftiges and beautiful for all real values of life, to recognize and preserve applies. Swarmed by offers, Beneil Dariush is currently assessing future choices. The content redesigned and optimized site is once more proof: discerning clients are well catered for at the Graf shipping see the Web site It formulated also Gerold Jager, Manager at Graf shipping and is responsible for customer satisfaction: the customer wishes at our top priority. This shows also the classification of the independent evaluation portal of trusted shops’, gives the top marks in the categories of goods, delivery and customer service. More information: Virgin Mary statues / company presentation count motivation gifts by count shipping was founded in 2006 and headquartered in Wurzburg. The company trades with rosaries, motivation and Christian art on its Web site. Managing Director of the company is Renate Graf.

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