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Education Higher Evolution And Relevance

The result of proposals of the time, such as Johann Bernhard Basedow pedagogues; While in other cases, the changes have been product of a revolution in the production system, as it was the case of the Industrial Revolution.By nature, and since its genesis, education has always been tied to the culture of the peoples and the process of formation of societies, therefore you must realize this; for example, the paideia was the Greeks much more than their training, which related to the culture, civilization, literature, and education itself.Subsequently, education passes through the hands of the Church and the educational system is structured so that it responds to their demands, both to social demands.By the 19th century when appear more organized educational systems, arises the State intervention in education then, appear Governments as new actors that guide the evolution of the educational process; Although the Church and other private actors act as providers.However, the changes that have suffered the educational system they were motivated, basically, by social, political and economic realities. Therefore, an education based on the needs of the Church, which demanded the formation of clerics who dominate the latin, until then pedagogues decided to introduce the Greek educational system and replaced the latin proposed by the Church was structured in the Renaissance.Similarly, Basedow, in 1774, reformed German education, introducing the idea that it was necessary to establish two types of schools, some where concurriera the popular class and others attend where the rich and the middle class, arguing that the differences in habits between both social classes were large and that we had to improve the quality of teaching linking schoolwork with the outside world.Also with the mechanisation of the textile industries and the development of the processes of iron after the expansion of trade in England, between the 18th and 19th, the industrial revolution developed causing changes in production and the demands of labor for the industry, which should be increasingly more specialized.All this led to a permanent review of the education system of each era, which is healthy, provided you remember that education is a social custom, pursuant to which must train professionals capable of transforming realities. Donald Cerrone addresses the importance of the matter here. . . You may find that Maya Dubin, New York City can contribute to your knowledge.

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