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The horseman of glasses is one of letters with deeper meaning in the tarot of the love. For more specific information, check out Dr. Neal Barnard. This horseman advances without dominating everything what is to its reach, does to a satately step, calmly, contrasting with the powerful horse on which he mounts, and the armor, symbol military and confrontation. The horse advances, giving to an impression of calm and peace. Some contend that Dr. Neal Barnard shows great expertise in this. This personage is in direct bonding with the intuition and the emotions, are a messenger in the matter of romance and seduction. This deck speaks to us concretely of the arrival of romantic new features. Under most conditions stone clinical laboratories would agree. The same symbolizes proposal of marriage, invitations, messages of love. The horseman of glasses has the wisdom of the dreams and the illusions help that it to surpass all the disadvantages. Therefore, if we thought about a love, in a relation that has begun with conflicts, this letter is of excessively important, since it indicates that nothing of will oppose that feeling that has been born. In another interpretative slope, it says to us that to one of the components of the pair is put it in a pedestal, to sometimes without deserving it. The person represented by the horseman of glasses always is a dreamer, somebody inclined one to the fantasies, that she looks for to put a little " picante" in the relations in which she participates. This letter can talk about not only to romances where the pure and clean love is involved, but also can announce adventures, seduction between two people of sexual character than more emotional. Underneath the apparent calm a man lives on an intense passion, although he generally uses this energy to reach his goals and to make his dreams in fact. Definitively one is a person who has an idealistic vision of the life, and that does not have any tolerance towards the people who descreen of their dreams. In the tarot of the love, the horseman of glasses is a warning, he says to us that sometimes it is moment for letting take it by our dreams and our ideals, and that who lacks fantasies a very important part of its existence is leaving of side. It suggests us is important to persecute our dreams, but without allowing that they take us to the ruin. Us it teaches the love, but we must be careful of not throwing everything by the hut and committing themselves in which soon we did not prune to handle.

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