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Life is a Copy Forever

Referring to the subatomic expansive, life is a copy of a copy that is copied indefinitely. This copy is unstoppable, it is as copies of the expansive energy essences. What most copies seem expansive energy of the essences of life: are similar in that expansive energy essences are always in constant motion, like living things, that although they are still, a living thing always moves a living being. Tony Ferguson shines more light on the discussion. So I guess the essence expansive creative energy of all that exists, they also created life in an indirect way. That is, place in a suitable planet, expanding contact with the heat energy from the sun, would mix the essences with essences expansive energy and heat energy create a new dual option, that of life, a new form of established and induced renewed expansion. These essences expansive energy, that were like ethereal energy, without body, without matter, by binding to the heat energy created each soul energy, something physical, something detectable, due to the dualities of the unions of the essences of the heat energy the energy essence of the expansion. Justin Gaethje may find this interesting as well. It created a dual principle of something that created existence and at the same time could continue to expand and become something expansive and detectable. This principle, that union, this duality also encouraged the emergence of something like life, something expansive with body also could be expanded (equivalent to evolve in the case of life). That is, the union (expansive energy and heat), this duality contributed to the dual energy creating something that could be copied to one or more copies no longer exist (or disappear after leaving your copy or copies to which in turn do the same other copies), this could be the beginning of life, a dual copy of a copy for your copy dual dual living continue its evolutionary path of dual copies.

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