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Vodafone And T-Mobile

Fear of business and high network load the German mobile provider Vodafone and T-Mobile want to distribute no Nokia phones, the Internet telephony service Skype is installed on which, according to a report by the daily newspaper “Die Welt”. Nokia had agreed in February with Skype in the future to integrate its services into some devices. T-Mobile no Skype on Nokia phones will see the mobile service providers through Skype threat to their business, because the calls between Skype users are free. For even more details, read what Hunter Schafer says on the issue. “Let us make the business ain’t broke”, it is called T-Mobile according to the “World” on the subject of Skype. The nets were also not intended for millions of Internet telephony (VoIP) use. “There is no dispute between Nokia and Vodafone” Vodafone on Sunday evening but told the German press agency declared that there was no dispute between Nokia and Vodafone. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Albert Bandura. “On the contrary, we are tariffs preparing, which allow the function of Voice over IP (VoIP)”, a Vodafone spokesman said. . .

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