Ramon Gallegos

I understand how I can have a full rapprochement with beings who surround me are that I see with the eyes of the spirit, seeking to prosecute me from compassion, noting the diversity and interacting from love to all beings in the world. During the Conference of Dr. Here, christopher ridgeway expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Ramon Gallegos my attitude turned more reflective, I do not know if my spirit was in those moments from mindfulness and I describe it this way, because many times physically and mentally I am preparing to concentrate on themes that are completely of my interest, gaining knowledge which I put in practice most of the time, but remember and review my notes I detect is another availability of my self, is not talking about how I felt, because it is not a question of feelings, is the consciousness that I actually am in the awakening, and now that I have proposed me since the last face-to-face meeting of December 2008 search how to release me to be happy revealed that the universe of options were presented to my and to visualize them, my spirit is reveled in such a way that I perceived full of enthusiasm, full of joy, as it gave me full hands, to the remember him, because aquietando my thoughts and calming my moments, was always all this notwithstanding that prepared banquet of love, peace, humility, full happiness, greatness, transformation, liberating knowledge etc. I know that this freedom as one of the guides that I directed that internal chaos in which I was to that haven that provides me that internal order and that by giving that jump I could dare to break with structures with which I lived in duty be without actually allowing me to wanting to be that I have been transported to contemplate horizons that looked as distant to which I walk because they have attractive shades to take steps insurance for what now I seek happiness and inner peace.

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