Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a singer, actress, model and now advertising image for Venus, the brand also in shavers for women. Mark has been set at such famous legs that also says they are insured by a good amount of money. Our dear J Lo will be the image of Venus throughout 2011. Venus is the leading brand in female hair removal and 10 years leading the women to their home everything you need to look soft legs. Mark has stated that Jennifer fits perfectly with what represents the brand and why they want to be your image. Jennifer Lopez fits perfectly with what Venus represents: security, femininity, beauty inside and outside and, of course, incredible legs and radiant skin!, we are delighted that she is the image of Venus during 2011 and we look forward to start the campaign. I love Venus and not trust my legs to any other brand!, I love the idea of discovering the goddess which is in me, since it also speaks of How am I. I love that every woman is a goddess in your life that you feel beautiful and look beautiful, leaving the best shine itself, stated Jennifer Lopez thereon.

Although sounds very well what epilate with Venus to have perfect legs, the truth is that if one shaves with blade end up having legs of a porcupine, not those of Jennifer Lopez. Dr. John Mcdougall may help you with your research. With the techniques of hair removal female household that exist today in day is not necessary to continue to rely on this technique. You can get machines laser hair removal for use at home that do not require any professional preparation and that are easy to use and most importantly: effective in removing hair.

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