The IDEOLOGY OF the Aformao READING of the reading initiate-sine familiar scope and if processes in long stated period, having mediating as: librarians, professors and, in the portraied specific case, the family. atravs of the reading that we find the possibility of instructing in them, to educate etambm to amuse. This leitordeve to be understood as being that one that establishes a relation aprofundadacom the language and the significaes, therefore the ledores, that one that if relacionamde mechanical way with the text, will not consist readers without a trabalhoefetivo. The reader formed in the mbitofamiliar, as we verify previously, if shows different, in terms deperfil, of that he has contact with the reading only in the school. For facilidadee familiarity with the signs, the alphabet, the writing and the prprialeitura becomes more easy and recurrent reading new terms that will seestendero for all the literary walked one. The comos easiness and the familiarity signs happen of the relations established in this pretense community of readers. The reader could be one citizen or object daleitura, being that this depends on the critical or acrtica position that assumafrente to the text on which it processes its act to study.

That one will be subject daleitura that, instead of only holding back the information, making the effort decompreenso of the message, verifying if to express and to elucidate the reality, emsuas characteristic specific. The author, as subject of the reading, must estaratento the three basic points: to have the objective to understand and does not memorize message; to have as basic attitude the position to evaluate what it reads, having comocritrio of judgment the compatibility of the expression with the realidadeexpressada one and to have an attitude of constant questioning of research, search, dialogue with the author of the text. This reading citizen, through the processes of understanding, evaluation and questioning of the read one, will be enabled to create and transmitirnovas messages, that will be presented as new understandings of the reality, guaranteeing the process of multiplication and magnifying of the culture.

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