Forking Diet

How to lose weight eating only with tenedorLa diet forking is a plan devised by French doctors and specialists thinning. More that a regime consists of a new form of feed based on only eat with fork (fork). Your hands, knife, and spoon cannot be used, by what are set aside foods that we can eat through your usage, which precisely are those containing more calories. Forking the diet also relies on the crononutricion, in the ancient principle that says we should have breakfast as reyes, lunch as Princes and dinner as poor. By practicing the forking will be more appetite for breakfast, a little less on food and a small snack may be taken in the afternoon and so you have less appetite for dinner, which is the key time of the diet.

Diet forking is a way of balancing the power in learning to eat reasonably what we like and forgetting the frustration. This diet completely prohibits the pecking with your fingers, which is often responsible for ingesting more than the count. If you have read about Dr. John Holtsclaw already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Reasons why favors weight loss: there are several reasons why forking diet promotes weight loss: 1) almost completely excludes all fats and sugars as fast at night, time of day in which are stored more easily by the body. (2) reduces the food outlet, limitation of the quantities ingested in every bite just reduce the portions and contributes to getting the body and mind to eat less at night. (3) to the do not impose any restrictions the rest of the day, avoid the frustrations that cause it to chop more hours. The forking is not a drastic regime, slowly thins, and required time to see profound changes.

You can download 1 to 2 kilos in three weeks but durably. Hear from experts in the field like Dr. John Holtsclaw for a more varied view. Forking styles: there are two styles of forking, designed by the authors of the diet: 1) strict Forking: serves for quick weight loss eating foods that do not have to prepare with the help of a knife and that can only be eaten with fork. 2) Forking Lightweight: serves to lose weight gradually, eating foods that you can eat with a fork, no matter how prepared. Banned food diet forking eliminates everything that is eaten with the hands: canapes, olives, crackers appetizer, bread, French fries, sausages, seafood, fruits, sweets, chocolate. With a spoon: soup, egg passed through water, yoghurts, cereals, salad, applesauce, cakes, ice cream, with a knife to spread: spreadable butter, margarine, jam, honey, Pate or cheese slicer: meat, chicken, cheese, pizza, quiche, savory tarts, fruits that will Peel. Authorize allowed foods: vegetables, legumes like lentils, peas, green beans, chickpeas and cereals (pasta, rice, wheat), fish and ready meals whose ingredients appear in this list. Must be especially careful with dinner, because it is the moment in which the body fixed more calories, so we must feed ourselves to a lesser degree than in the rest of the meals and I also do eating only foods that you can take with a fork. Do not forget that these foods make up the Mediterranean diet: legumes, cereals, vegetables, etc. And at the same time we avoid foods high in fat.

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