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Categories on allesmichi.com – a page turns in detail before under the heading “name of michael” the history of the name Michael and its origin can be found. Certainly interesting for all who wear this given name. So, for example, me, as Michi, the holiness of my name was previously completely unknown. Also worldwide name variations such as Michelle, mikael, are finding what variety of Michaels holds the world and so on really interesting in this section. These names, as the attentive reader may have noticed already, as well as all information contained on the website were created naturally gender-neutral.

Also all content can be found, I am personally interested in. The slogan ‘be!’ to highlight the possibility of participation for all visitors if there is the urgent need for one or the other. All will benefit from the information. ‘What is now the homepage so special?’ or ‘ why the page for other people is appealing next to the Michi’s?’ Because of the large variety of topics, the interesting contents and many Gratisinfo’s – there’s something for everyone. See for yourself and convince you!

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