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Biological Adolescent

They have the information, know as if to prevent, but they do not make it; c) the low one auto-esteem, support lack and affection of the family, bad pertaining to school income and excess of free time, makes the young to search in the maternity what it does not have. Some studies had indicated that, even so many adolescents can, the principle, to face the pregnancy as a way to get attention and of if making to feel ' ' crescidas' ' important, to the end is felt alone, abandoned and ' ' aborrecidas' '. Some do not surpass the conflict that if establishes when they receive the notice from the pregnancy, living deeply the situation, frequently, as ' ' castigo' '. The fear to communicate the fact to the family, difficulties in accepting the proper gestation or even though the instruction lack, some adolescents delays its gone to the health ranks not favoring, therefore, the essential cares that the period of the pregnancy requires (SILVIA and SALOMO, 2003). If to use to advantage youth is also to test valorativas and moral borders, that in the present time are more fluid, then, the adolescent pregnancy emphasizes the opposing side, of entailing with commitments: son, friend, house and spouse. The pregnancy would be one of the forms of feminine ingression in the adult world, of bigger freedom, of rupture with the proper adolescence, controlled dependent and socially. Beyond the domestic tasks (ALMEIDA, 2002). The maternity is designated as a form of ticket of the adolescent phase to the adult life, not for the biological capacity of fecundar and gestar, but for the incorporation of responsibilities and the implications generated for this event in the life of the young (GONALVES and KNAUTH, 2006). In accordance with Esteves and Meandro (2005) some authors when describing the interferences of the pregnancy in the process of adolescence and the form for which the adolescent structure the occurrence of pregnancy in its life, its relations, its subjective world, disclose trend to describe the results of such event as disrupo, conceiving the pregnancy as interruption and many times end point of the adolescent process, had to the biological, psychological and socioeconmicas implications that bring.

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