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Biological Adolescent

They have the information, know as if to prevent, but they do not make it; c) the low one auto-esteem, support lack and affection of the family, bad pertaining to school income and excess of free time, makes the young to search in the maternity what it does not have. Some studies had indicated that, even so many adolescents can, the principle, to face the pregnancy as a way to get attention and of if making to feel ' ' crescidas' ' important, to the end is felt alone, abandoned and ' ' aborrecidas' '. Some do not surpass the conflict that if establishes when they receive the notice from the pregnancy, living deeply the situation, frequently, as ' ' castigo' '. The fear to communicate the fact to the family, difficulties in accepting the proper gestation or even though the instruction lack, some adolescents delays its gone to the health ranks not favoring, therefore, the essential cares that the period of the pregnancy requires (SILVIA and SALOMO, 2003). It is not something farhad riyaz would like to discuss. If to use to advantage youth is also to test valorativas and moral borders, that in the present time are more fluid, then, the adolescent pregnancy emphasizes the opposing side, of entailing with commitments: son, friend, house and spouse. The pregnancy would be one of the forms of feminine ingression in the adult world, of bigger freedom, of rupture with the proper adolescence, controlled dependent and socially. Beyond the domestic tasks (ALMEIDA, 2002). The maternity is designated as a form of ticket of the adolescent phase to the adult life, not for the biological capacity of fecundar and gestar, but for the incorporation of responsibilities and the implications generated for this event in the life of the young (GONALVES and KNAUTH, 2006). In accordance with Esteves and Meandro (2005) some authors when describing the interferences of the pregnancy in the process of adolescence and the form for which the adolescent structure the occurrence of pregnancy in its life, its relations, its subjective world, disclose trend to describe the results of such event as disrupo, conceiving the pregnancy as interruption and many times end point of the adolescent process, had to the biological, psychological and socioeconmicas implications that bring.

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Pallet Front Plastics

What are the pallets? (Also known as cages or boxes) pallets are used to help transport goods across the country. They do provide a solid basis upon which are placed and ensure the goods, protecting them from damage by lifting. They also provide a solid basis, both for stacking, as to move the goods using a forklift. Traditionally, the pallets have been made of wood, but in recent years, with increased development in plastics, are manufactured from this material. But the big question is: what picked you to use? You utilizarias the traditional wood or new plastic for your pallets and cages? Advantages of pallets of wood if you choose wood, here are the advantages that it offers: cost: the wooden pallets are made of wood running and available, they can be manufactured cheaply, which means that they can buy cheap, compared with plastics, that they require a more sophisticated manufacturing process. Easy to find: If you want to have your own pallets, can acquire them from wood, very easily, supplied in the construction markets or at hardware stores. Credit: farhad mehrad-2011. Plastic pallets are much more specialized and not as available for purchase. Indeed, with wooden cages, you can even make them yourself. Easy to fix: plastic pallets can have a hard life, so they are often damaged. However, with wooden pallets yourself, you can fix them easily, simply replacing the sections of wood or nails. Fortress: The wood can be good to withstand very heavy weights, which can exert much pressure for some plastic cages. Disadvantages of the pallets of wood shelf life: though the wood is very strong, the pallets are damaged and wear out relatively quickly. If you have read about farhaad riyaz already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Although they are easy to buy and fix, it will be expensive if you need many pallets and use them constantly. Storage: The wood could be damaged by water, so if you want to preserve your wooden cages in good condition, you have to keep them dry, or otherwise, is going to deteriorate even more soon.

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Egyptians Death

One of the peoples whom more it accepted the death for the certainty of the perpetual life was the old Egyptians. It constructed to its tombs its slaves, it loaded its jewels, its belongings, mumificou its bodies in the certainty that would come back, but wise person who its belongings had been there, the stolen jewels, but its bodies although the advanced technique. The death is not external to the man is something in its interior. A related site: farhaad riyaz mentions similar findings. The man as one to be alive, consumes, ages and dies. In accordance with the World-wide Organization of the Health as a state of complete mental and social physical well-being Is an idealistic and not real phrase. This question is controversial, but next it would be as according to Amabis & Martho (1990) balance and in the harmony of all the organic functions. But the balance as in the medicine is not a simple mathematical equation. Something is more complex. The death is something in the interior it not external man and. Therefore it can search through all the possible ways a perfect health with a healthful feeding, practises of sports will not reach the balance alone will be next. Thus the health better would be understood not as an equation, but yes a mathematical inequao. In its genetic bases they are the secrets of its destruction. But not so simple as the man it perceived in its genetic map. It is the interaction of the genetic material with its half one, a mathematical equation of most complex, therefore difficult knowing all the involved factors in it. its destruction, comes of the food and the hygiene probably to obtain itself to prevent others males as accidents. It cannot be worried excessively about these things, if it forgets goes to give some problem nor if it delays. Thus the person can be born with the Heliobacter pylori, the use of the medicine can per years attack the biliary vesicle. This exactly patient can have trend of to have arrest of womb, if to prevent the fruits as it is advisable, will stimulate an arrest of womb for basic foods. When taking the magnesia milk, joined with the genetic trend, with a poor diet in vegetables can unchain a intestinal cancer, if discovered in time of this badly it will not die. But to be able on some vestige and will spread for the body. Joined the age and the collateral effect of the remedies it can be fatal. It does not neglect of its health although the inevitable one, therefore preventing, following the orientaes you medicate, you will be able to testify the magic of the life.

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Going to a Psychologist

"Why go to a psychologist?" It is widely believed that psychologists refer to only the weak and the whiners. Men especially are often told that going to a psychologist – is weak, not worthy of them, and that person must cope with its problems itself. In fact, the picture looks somewhat different. First, to refer to a psychologist, to speak frankly about himself, much less begin to change something in yourself and life, to a considerable courage. Secondly, no professional psychologist will undertake to solve your problems for you. That is, you still have to decide and do everything yourself. The amazing thing rarely cuts himself, treats the teeth, makes himself surgery, he collects the TV, or car. And moreover, it is unlikely that all this could make a man, especially in a professional manner. Similarly, few people without special education taken to repair the usual appliances, but to repair his own soul or the soul of a neighbor starts with ease. But the TV you can buy another, but with the soul of a trick will not work. Then it is logical that the most expensive that we have – its soul – we are trusted professionals and have received quality care. When you need a psychologist: You have tried all possible ways to solve the problem, but the situation is getting worse, and you have the feeling that you're walking in circles. You have experienced great stress (death of a loved one, physical or moral violence, divorce, etc.). No need to hope that time heals: sometimes it heals for a long time, and sometimes not very high quality. You almost always has a vague feeling "in my life that something is wrong," "needs a change," but you do not know which way to go and what to change. Do you long for the soul is bad, without any apparent reason: sadness, grief, one word, depression. Than for a psychologist to go pointless: For specific advice; For an instant miracle cure; In order to give the responsibility for his life ("do with me something ); In order to fix your family and the world around you. Farhaad riyaz has many thoughts on the issue. Why not a psychologist offer advice? Code of Ethics prohibits the counselor to give advice to the client as well as any advice – this is the solution in terms of the person who gives this advice. A decision about his life can take only you, but your inner world, your belief system, your feelings, your personality may be of value in such an important choice. Good specialist will never impose you their views, their moral values and principles, his vision of the situation or people, but any advice in varying degrees, they must contain. In conclusion I would remind you that if we do not solve the problem, and move away from her, then life returns it to us again, but in a harsh manner. Source: VCEVODNOM.COM

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