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Ana Miranda

He had a wife and a daughter. He had not returned to remember them. But I saw you and I remembered. Yes, I had a family then, before the train. Because you didn’t remember anything before the railway. Back to mourn. I don’t know if what you had forgotten, having remembered or why. There is a mixture of self-pity and rage in his memory, something difficult to define. Women lets look at his companion and fixed his gaze on me: do you and who is? My name is Ana, Ana Miranda, and am looking for my father, who disappeared 30 years ago say, with a chill and a calm myself leave me nonplussed. And you think that you can find it here? Because I should be I man, already calm interrupted it. You? Do you remember when they found wounded at the edge of the road? Of course, you can’t remember it because you were not there. But you know it perfectly, because we have talked about it many times. And you also know that I do not remember anything of what happened until I satisfied in the hospital and he escapes from the coma within two weeks. Man, self-absorbed in the suddenly recovered memories is silent. What’s your name? you wonder with softness. Ricardo. Ricardo city. But before I called Manuel, Manuel Miranda. My father. I break to mourn my time. Without despair. Meekly. Continuous, silent, but without rest. Nobody talks about, while the minutes are trying to repair the mess morality caused by so many revelations. Man, my father, resumes his monologue: I remember now that I fell from the train. He was so drunk that I did not realize what I was doing and I fell from the train. Almost killed me. It was undocumented and, between ethyl coma and serious injuries caused by the fall, never again I remember nothing.

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The Love

I was even so of the cemetary without route, beyond not having explanations for nothing of what I had happened still I would have that to face my mother, I would kill me to it for having last the night I am, at that time this age well more serious of what nowadays. what I would say pra it? If not even I wise person to the certainty what she had happened in the reality. When I arrived in house all were seated in the sofa having consoled mother who was in prantos, at the moment that turns me the relief took account of its expressions, less of mother who it seemed not to believe that I was well, that she was alive. It: – My son for the love of God, for where you walked? I: – Calm mother I am well, I am that yesterday I was going pra party of the Slvia but in the way I lost the spirit and I was the house of another friend, knot we are talking and we did not see the time to pass then wove late pra very to come back pra house and it he said that I could sleep there and did not give pra to inform nobody, was alone this. It: But my son you had that to have informed, I imagined everything of bad that he could have happened with you, never more I make this please Mother I hugged me fort and I saw that they looked at me to all made an impression. Then I remembered that I had many hanging things in my head that I needed to organize and said: – Mother forgives me for everything I never more will make this again, I promises, but now I am very tired, necessary and a bath, I forgive me all but I go for my room, debtor for being with my mother. I lay down myself in my bed in the intention to close the eyes and to find an explanation for all that one madness, but I did not obtain to find and my head so was weighed that I badly could think right. The days if had passed, the years if they had passed, already it makes much time that everything happened but I remember this every day, I I try to convince that it was a dream but in deep I know that was not, also try to imagine that I had one I occasion in that night, but also know that he was conscientious of my acts, at last, I I do not know what he happened or if really happened, I only know that it is the souvenir marcante of my past and I believe that always he goes to be, I I always live my life waiting for a reply but also I content myself in thinking that perhaps I never know the truth..

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The pleated is also ideal for study and Office. There are pleated fabrics in a wide selection. To get the optimum overview, has Advalux sorted the pleated fabric color. There are the different material properties as well as in each color group. The range of the smooth flat so monochromatic materials coloured structured fabrics, and even patterned variations. Material properties: transparency on levels of substances by reason there are three clear stages: generally describes the fabrics with Begiffen such as “transparent”, “opaque semi transparent” and “darker”. The call then the main properties of the fabric. A pleated fabric transparent”enables the review and it is a pleasant soft light through the fabric. “The most selected variant glance semi-transparent”, however, admits no review. It is a pleasant soft light through the fabric, which prevents direct hiding of the Sun. Many of the opaque pleats suitable screen. Protect the privacy, most definitely, because looks from the outside will get nothing inside. The employed in children’s rooms, bedrooms, but also conference rooms darkening off”material can be neither review to even light falls through the fabric. The room is abgedunkeld. However, still light falls through the small holes where the Guide wire runs. The rooms are protected from the light but effective. Fabric properties – pleated care – all our fabrics can be cleaned after the glue pleated and VDS approved. Each care instructions and certificate are included in the shipment. The fabric is washable at 30 degrees with the hand. A total of more than 300 colors and designs on VDS-tested fabrics to choose from are at Advalux. Glue pleated! “Info to the adhesive support and the exact installation instructions pleated gluing” the trend continues as in the previous year. There a film on YouTube we designed. Here, the installation is described in detail. The window not more corrupt are the pleated mounting glue pleated through the use of solvent vehicles.

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Sven Fikenzer

In terms of construction and design the training devices differ from partially and one distinguishes two kinds, plate or rocker. A training study conducted at the Charite in Berlin will be presented in the lecture. Here, these different principles (power plate versus Galileo) with regard to the intended effect strength (muscle mass increase, athletic performance) were compared. This took place under standardized experimental conditions and using advanced imaging techniques (MRI) influence of ss-blockade on the endurance performance lecture by Dr. Sven Fikenzer increasingly reach young people in the second decade of life, blood pressure of hypertension stage I (? 140/90 mmHg), is already taken at the drug treatment to lower blood pressure into account. Hypertension is a persistent increase of in blood pressure in the arterial system and is responsible for a series of organ damage and vascular damage directly or indirectly. A drug target Hypertension therapy is therefore the decrease of the blood pressure. While the choice is with young people mostly on monotherapy, among others Betablockern(ss-Blockern). For hypertension therapy with ss blockers, in particular their frequency and contraction force lowering effect alone plays an essential role. The question arises, how ss-blockers affect the performance of these young, mostly active people. References in this regard are themselves quite contradictory, distinction must be made between the individual motor skills. Summary kardioselektive ss-blockers to make no impact on the hemodynamics of the heart in maximal stress test and in connection with same VO2max values represent no cardiac performance limitation Laktatschwellen and Watts showed in recent research. The GETUP Congress in a nutshell: GETUP Congress, which takes place on April 23 and 24 in the context of FIBO in Essen, offers a varied program with lectures and panel discussions. On both days, the Congress participants can connect an interesting Congress program with a visit of the FIBO halls. “Forums to the topics exercise, nutrition and management are as much part of the varied programme as best practice concepts and subject area of change management changes making a success of” followed by a discussion. Once again, Congress is rounded off by a comprehensive service package. Congress access access to FIBO-night, the Exhibitor party on Friday, is among other things included in the ticket price. For more information see.

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Brazil Democracy

The classroom which each one belongs is established then by the relation degree that if has with ' ' benefcios' ' cited previously, this generates a hierarquizao of the society, where the most favored they finish being superior to less the most favored, thus determining, also the paper that will be developed per item in the society. Then, the biggest classrooms finish for playing roles that subordinate the lesser classrooms. They are not abstained from these papers, the governmental positions. To speak in democracy in Brazil, is the same that to say in elections therefore the act to vote the biggest example of democracy practised in the country is considered. But it will be that it is really? Election is a process of choice of the controllers – they must represent the population, guaranteeing and fighting for its rights – of a country (it includes states and cities there), through the vote of its citizens. The Constitution defines them to be able politicians, including the vote, in its article 14, paragraphs I and II. In it is specified that the vote is obligator to all of 18 years to the 16 minor and physician and the greaters greaters of 18, greaters of 70 years and illiterates; is vetoed to the foreigners and during the military service. Analyzing this concept of election and this article, we can say that really all people have the right and obligation to choose its representatives, then, why exists this distorted concept so of democracy? Retaking the definition initial ' ' government of povo' '. The population votes in the people who if candidatam to some position – president, governor, senator – knowing that they will be who will go to represent them, this implies to fight for the rights – education, health, housing, feeding, security, transport? garantiz them. This could be yes, acceptable as democracy, but from the moment where these ' ' door vozes' ' they do not defend the necessities and wills of the population, this democratic system starts to be defective and normally it is this that happens.

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Italian Furniture

This is a shell that is mounted on a special stand and, if necessary, moves up to the client sitting in a chair. Besides the obvious inconvenience to the Neck client (due to non-tilt back to the sink), there are some nuances. By cleaning required special chairs, limiting choices, and the movable mechanism of this model in the use of loose, and Water stains are inevitable. What's new? Changing tastes and fashions, are growing demands on functionality and comfort. Manufacture of furniture does not stand still, constantly being improved. Starting a choice of furniture for its interior, do not take the time to learn new products this year, information on trends and new opportunities. This will not only allow you to be in the subject field, but will equip your salon with the latest fashion anticipate the expectations of artists and clients, and at the same time save money! After all, innovations are often not only design and comfort, but also address current needs and challenges arise every day in the salon. For example, the emergence of seats with removable steering wheel allow the owners of shops to choose light shades of furniture without concern for possible contamination from the paint. In the case of mechanical damage or dirt, they can simply order a new cover favorite color. Replacement takes just a couple of minutes and is easily done yourself. Formerly chair would have to throw it away or put up with his flawed views. This loss in its purest form. And this is not an isolated example of progress in industry. To keep abreast of fashion trends and introduced technology allows an annual exhibition cosmoprof, conducted in Italy. The largest furniture manufacturers introduce their concepts and development. However, to go to Italy is not necessary. Many companies publish detailed and comprehensive reviews of their know-how. So, Maletti offers this year a number of unusual solutions to the problems of everyday practice for salons, published a story about the exhibition on its website including news. Similarly, we can get acquainted with the latest cosmetics, makeup and anything else that concerns the beauty industry. Pitfalls Of course, in one article can not cover all aspects of this question and answer one necessarily entails the following, but no matter how much it was questions and answers, most importantly believe in the success of your business and never rest on our laurels.

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