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Monday Friday

Avoids deficiency symptoms. The integration of a formula diet in a professional program for weight management can significantly improve success and efficiency”, says Ellrott. Gradually, the Optifast formula products are replaced by normal meals home. A professional team of consultants supported the Dec willing throughout the program by phone calls and planning the evaluation together with them. The Exchange with others is possible in the community section of the website. The six-week intensive program can continue indefinitely by the participants through special stabilisation packages. As a program with the building blocks formula diet, meal replacement, movement therapy and behavior modification with duration of at least six Optifast home based on the guidelines of the professional associations. So, success can maximize and minimize the risk of the yo-yo effect. There is detailed information about the program online at as well as under the free hotline 0800-50 99 111 (Monday Friday, 8: 00 20:00, Saturday, 9: 00 18:00) or by email at. The video to the program can be found here:… …basiert on the OPTIFAST the Optifast home program are group programs, whose Erfolge evidenced by numerous scientific studies. …profitiert from the expertise of experienced physicians and nutritionists. …kombiniert a formula diet with increasing physical activity and a durable behavior modification. …ist flexible and time-saving. …bietet individual support via phone and E-mail, as well as comprehensive services. …dauert six weeks and goes through several phases: modified fasting phase with formula products, beginning of the transition phase, completion of the transition phase. …kann stabilization packages, be extended as needed. …basiert on the guidelines of the German society of obesity. …ist the tailor-made solution for efficient weight loss!

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The Horses

mash well leaves and untelas in the wound; that the asngre are dry. The birds are looking for his shadow. (.) As above carpet go horses, how much of the lawn. Arriva the currujeyal gives to the blue sky, or the new Palm, or such that gives more fine, beloved bee, flower or the guasima or the jatia. () I see there the ateje, of tall and Petite, Cup of parasitic and while; the strongest Cuban palo away; the thick jucaro; the seedbed, silky skin; the jagua of broadleaves; the pregnant guira; the jubaban, whose leaves layer at back satin tobacco; Mahogany rough rind; the quiebrahacha of striated and opened branches in trunk stiff; the caimitillo, el copey and the itching and the yamagua that tight blood () and for everything there is in the world, even for the Mule that refuses to walk, because the resistance is not but who goes out to travel without the remedy, which is a lemon or two, that remedy is you migrancy and well rubbed on nails to the Mule, and keep walking. The vague light on one side and another of the wide road was all American nature: most gallardos were treading the horses in that floresciente, corsada countryside of mountains in the distance, where the lush mango has foot thick cane: the handle was in flower, and the mature orange tree, and a fallen Palm, with the very root of thread that it turns on even to the Earth () and going talking, honey lemon, which is the very boiled juice curing stubborn ulcers; (()) against a wall broken sleep a stack of guayacancillo, the wood of life, burning like a torch, with his hard heart ()) good mahogany, Captain litter is () see annex plants use Marti describing and found in the mogote; both medicinal as of interest dendrologico.

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Maria Mercedes Balcarce

Remedies, very ill, was taken to a fifth of the Caseros Street and monastery, where he died on August 3, 1823, at the age of 25. The Jose de San Martin, who had returned to Mendoza after the encounter in Guayaquil, is preparing to travel to Buenos Aires, but Rivadavia prevents it. Finally he embarks on the journey, but when he arrives his wife was already dead. He decided to move then to Paris accompanied by his daughter Mercedes. After passing by Brussels and his last return to Buenos Aires, returned to Paris and later moved to Grand Bourg, where both became ill from cholera and were attended by the Argentine medical young Severus Mariano Balcarce, son of General Antonio Gonzalez Balcarce. Mercedes married shortly after severe Mariano Balcarce, on December 13, 1832, with whom he had two daughters, Maria Mercedes Balcarce in 1833 and Josefa Dominga Balcarce in 1836, the granddaughters of General Jose de San Martin. On August 17, 1850 at 3 in the afternoon, at the age of 72, died General San Martin in his home in Boulogne Sur Mer. Shortly after, Mercedes and Mariano with their daughters moved to Brunoy, a town near Paris, where laying down definitively. In 1860 die Maria Mercedes Balcarce and San Martin, at the early age of 27 years, without leaving any descendants. Next to his tomb is placed the body of his grandfather, in the family vault, until May 28, 1880, his remains returning to the country and they are placed in the mausoleum specially erected in his memory in the Cathedral in Buenos Aires, where a sentence permanently relives his glory: triumphed at San Lorenzo, said the independence of Argentina, he spent the Andes, led its emancipatory flag to Chile, the Peru and the Ecuador. Mercedes Tomasa dies on February 28, 1875 at the age of 58 and severe Mariano Balcarce died in 1885 at the age of 78.

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Life is so wonderful having his way to test us. Beauty, in every sense, is something that should not be missed, but which or what is real beauty? For each safe that they are different parameters, however, this continues to be a test, but Mara would have not sent their beautiful daughters to Gautama Siddhartha to tempt him. But of course, it was the future Buddha and he knew that physical beauty was an illusion. Why Yoda says: well you must do it because my ally is the force and a powerful ally is. Life creates, makes grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us together. Force energy surrounds us and binds us, but more seems we disengage, at least so feel most when we see the overall situation of the planet Earth and human life that fills it. If that strength becomes our ally, such as Yoda, what what we could do with it? What as responsible would be with that knowledge? What level of awareness can support the fact that we are all one? Yoda continues: luminous beings we are, not this matter raw this is a phrase that most identifies, but does not understand us, consciously, as luminous beings but as physical beings above all. There is the desire to empathize with this experience of being a being bright, at the bottom we know but it seems that we have no access to the mechanism that would help us to convert this notion in a real and practical fact. And Yoda also told him: you must unlearn what you have learned. Go! that task more complicated. How is desaprende what has been learnt? Perhaps going back to birth? Que tal, booting us head and putting another in its place? To begin with, we need to unlearn the fact that we think that the mind is in the head.

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Blood Sugar

My average body temperature during the first week of the test was 36. 95th. During the second week of the test was 36.7o. The reason why I decided to follow my body temperature is that I had read that the crudivoros of long term may have significantly lower body temperatures, so I wanted to see if there might be any change during the first 30 days. While I experienced a slight drop in body temperature, it was not particularly serious. Blood pressure my average blood pressure for the first 5 days of testing was 131/76. For the last 5 days of the test, it was 117/73. So the net fall in my blood pressure was 14/3. My lowest value in the test was 110/65, which took place on the 30th. Sugar in blood check my blood sugar using a device for test blood sugar, the same that a diabetic could be used. Didn’t have any kind of peak of sugar throughout the entire test with this diet raw vegan absolutely none. In fact, my blood sugar remained incredibly constant throughout the entire test. My highest value of blood sugar was 94, that what is still medium. All the sweet fruit in my diet simply not had any adverse effect on my blood sugar. Eating this way gave my blood sugar more consistency than ever before. With this diet could do to raise my sugar in blood or even though I would like to do so. Nor eat 19 bananas in a single day made a difference. Alkalinity measured my urine pH several times on the last day of the test, and all the times marked values between 7.4 and 8.0, clearly on the alkaline side. Test pH is less precise than testing blood, but I see no reason for concern by the fact that this diet can become acidifying. Energy after the first two weeks with diet raw vegan, my physical and mental energy levels had a constant stability.

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The Problem

The human being is not thus so decipherable. If it has something that I admired in this its email I was its decision to write me and not to be more remoendo this history. Not valley the penalty. We go to be happy. You asked to me if I believe I destine, I I believe I destine yes, it separated in them and he ahead placed in them of other people to follow ahead. When you said that, covardemente, I did not recognize you, already you passed for its head that I can seen really not have you? I would not make this. He does not have none in you badly to find, to talk.I would not make this. really being sufficiently honest, because I continue finding that honesty and sincerity do not have price, I can say that I committed some imperfections in our separation, but not intentional, or of thought case, I find that inexperincia, immaturity, lack of sensitivity, everything this contributed for a complicated outcome. I can attribute these errors to some reasons, because unhappyly or happily people are not born prepared for all the situations of the life, people learns is living. I ask for excuses here to you, if I was not correct the sufficient to finish our relationship of 5 years with the well-taken care of had one. If it lacked courage to me and it thus sobrou cowardice and, I searched the way fastest to decide the problem, as you say. speaking in our relationship, to say I want you that it was very important in my life, I grew very to its side as I know that it contributes for its growth. At this horrible moment, reading its email and receiving all this energy from you blame accusations, still thus I can remember to me the good moments that we had together and that I am certain had been bigger of what the bad moments.

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Aristocrat Argentine

With which so many hours departio as dilecta friend, possibly reached its highest point of friendship by the 1935-36 years and was his mentor: was one of those blessed who is hungry without greed, and who love without possessiveness, willing to join only.().Here the philosopher warns the love that Michael felt about the girlfriend who left in the village. And in another moment he writes: we went to walk through those places of Madrid, downhill entry to sit some time on the bridge or on any stone to input their own cottage or as if we were abandoned. For my part I spent a difficult time and I think out this what us together so loosely. More what’s difficult not only had they had our singular situations, but even more bitterness that flowed of those clusters of vineyards as flourishing, because the pain was ahead us already () say only that accompanied it Miguel Hernandez and accompanied me more than anyone in this suffering. Few beings have seen thus suffer when everything was going well (Zambrano, 1984, 165). The great philosopher retained memory and defended many suffered injustices. Delia Iraeta,(Estancia familiar Polvaredas, p. B. Aires 1884, fallece en 1989, a los 105 anos) rail. Painter and grabadora(cuyo tema artistico resaltan enormes caballos) smart and beautiful second wife of Neruda, Communist, Aristocrat Argentine, nicknamed Ant, by the enormous energy that had. Miguel devoted a poem to Delia read by Gerardo Diego in the gatherings of the group. Pablo Neruda in B de Arguelles had a beautiful residence La Casa de las Flores, there gathered and relationship with friends, Neruda, moments are I felt jealous, incidentally that Miguel was one of the most favored with a relationship and affection of the artist. On a certain occasion Carmen Conde in an epistolary says Miguel : … you laugh, blue eyes, whitest teeth >.

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Werner Erhardt

Not you manage to turn your dreams into reality? These might be some lack of focus reasons: not being focused in your dreams does not allow having a vision of the way that you must go to achieve the desired objective, thus achieving, scatter your energy in multi-tasking. LACK of passion: Regularly you can focus your energies on multiple addresses, without clearly defining what it is that really you are passionate and will take you direct to your own success. INACTION: having no clear what is the path to follow to achieve the results that you expect, you usually immerse in the routine and you paralyze without achieving the necessary actions to achieve them. LACK of commitment: The word commitment comes from COM-commitment (comes with a promise). I.e., you cannot assume a real commitment with yourself to get what you crave. So what are the capabilities that you develop? * IMAGINE what does not yet exist in your life. * DECIDE what actions are necessary to achieve your dreams. * Act with passion to accelerate the process toward your goals. * WRITE your VISION in detail the destination where you want to go. I’ll give you some key questions so you can get in touch with your vision and thus turn your dreams into reality * what are your dreams? * What is the first action that you must perform to achieve this? * Why not it you’ve done yet? * What do you feel you paralyzed? * You can convert that stun gun into something positive? Create your future from your future, not your past Werner Erhardt and Lastly, I share with you this little story that you dare to dream and fulfill your dreams: dare to fly. .And when it became big, his father told him:-my son, not everyone is born with wings. And while it is true that you have no obligation to fly, I think that it would be embarrassing that you limitaras a walk taking the wings the good God has given you. But I don’t know fly replied the son.

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Steve Alpizar

Then you will notice that you cannot reach the weight of 100 which is the requirement to obtain the inner conviction and achieve the life you want. In the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar you will find all the big secrets for the accumulation of power internal to achieve in his subconscious mind installing a new belief, which will be adjusted to your greatest desires, by reading this book you can assess and detect what are the aspects that must be changed in order to achieve the realization of their dreams. Be going round in circles without results is something that tide and thats one of the reasons why many people abandon their goals, now if you are really decided to experiment with changes it is necessary to use all weapons possible to defeat its own limiting beliefs and access to power, really you should see your goals as a great battlethat is willing to fight and to die just to get what they want, some may well say that sounds too fanatic, but sometimes we need to convey to our inner being are our true desires. The accumulation energy also has a very strong link with our emotions, in the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar may know strategies to deceive his mind and associate great emotions to the inner energy flow into you, once you apply the principles of accumulation of energy then will begin to achieve greater things each daypower acts Crescent shaped, implying that their lives will improve day by day in all aspects..

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The Principle

Fats and oils on class use: rapeseed, olive, wheat germ, walnut, linseed or soybean oil you do good right now. Two litres of calcium-rich mineral water would be ideal for your body. Don’t get that, access to fruit juice spritzers, herbal and fruit teas, vegetable juices or non-alcoholic beer. Side effect: If you whole-value food and drink a lot, comes the intestine which easily tends in pregnancy to inertia, better in swing. 3. What can I do not eat and drink? Alcohol bans is by itself you would feed your baby Yes not with eggnog. Other dangers are not so easy to recognize. Raw meat, raw milk or raw fish, for example, can be infested with germs. Therefore, waiver is now said to Tatar, sushi or preferred milk but also meats such as pork sausage, smoked meat or salami and all soft cheese made from raw milk. 4. How do I get all the nutrients that needs my baby? Folic acid is one of the most important vitamins in the first months of pregnancy. The body needs it for Metabolism, cell division and blood formation. Therefore, obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend to take folic acid tablets as possible before conception and throughout pregnancy. Iodine is important for the brain development of the child. While there are abundant in fish, many families, restaurants and cafeterias now use iodized salt in the kitchen still it often still is not enough. In case of doubt, the doctor will prescribe you iodine tablets. Who eat little or no meat, get too little iron. While there are iron-bearing grain and vegetables, only the body can already not so good record vegetable iron like animal even if at the same time vitamin C, which boosts the absorption of iron in the principle. There, too, an iron supplement helps in case of doubt. 5. how much should I increase? It was said earlier: between nine and twelve pounds. But gone are the days of rigid rules. Who is initially very slim, may put more than a plump woman but anything between seven and 18 pounds is okay. So you know your personal Normal range: Calculate first the beginning of pregnancy, your body-mass index (BMI = body weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared) and then look right in our table. For example, A 1.70-meter woman weighs 68 kilograms and, therefore has a BMI of 23.5 (68 kg: 1.7 x 1.7 = 23.5) your weight gain should be so between 11,S and 16 pounds. Don’t worry, if you rather down – in the first weeks of pregnancy or increasing, because excitement or morning sickness to the stomach suggests you: weight gain is only seen from the fourth month – about 300 grams per week, in recent months to a pound. A woman is much less, is the risk that her baby is starving. What chubby women often scares: severely overweight can increase the risk of high blood pressure or gestational diabetes. Nevertheless you should not now start a diet – that could cause that the baby is not supplied with all you need. Your doctor advises You, what you do best.

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