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Resveratrol Anti-aging From Grapes

and like you it RED with VITA can help resveratrol is a secondary plant substance, a so-called flavonoid, which is found in grapes, pomegranates, raspberries, blueberries, peanuts, knotweed plants. If these plants are exposed to increased stress, such as strong UV radiation or ozone, they use resveratrol as part of their defense system. The bioactive plant substance called resveratrol is the only known substance that can activate also longevity genes in the human cell. These special features resveratrol is also in nutritional science becoming increasingly important. The possible effects of Resveratrol: Anti-aging vitality enhancement immune system strengthening of cardiovascular age-related hormone degradation and environmental influences, such as UV radiation or cigarette smoke, leave with time their marks on our skin. And so resveratrol here can help: free radicals increasingly caused by environmental influences, hinder the ability of cells to regenerate. Of grape polyphenols inactivate these oxidants and prevent such damage to skin cells. In addition, the plant-based estrogens stimulate the growth of cells. However, you can record not the amounts of Resveratrol on the food that you need to take the best advantage of this active ingredient. For this, taking high-dose resveratrol complex is necessary, such as VITA RED Forte. The dietary supplement RED Forte VITA pure resveratrol – contains exclusively obtained from Spanish blue grapes. Detailed information and ordering at and in the Rkplus online shop shop. W. Schroeder

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Monday Friday

Avoids deficiency symptoms. The integration of a formula diet in a professional program for weight management can significantly improve success and efficiency”, says Ellrott. Gradually, the Optifast formula products are replaced by normal meals home. A professional team of consultants supported the Dec willing throughout the program by phone calls and planning the evaluation together with them. The Exchange with others is possible in the community section of the website. The six-week intensive program can continue indefinitely by the participants through special stabilisation packages. As a program with the building blocks formula diet, meal replacement, movement therapy and behavior modification with duration of at least six Optifast home based on the guidelines of the professional associations. So, success can maximize and minimize the risk of the yo-yo effect. There is detailed information about the program online at as well as under the free hotline 0800-50 99 111 (Monday Friday, 8: 00 20:00, Saturday, 9: 00 18:00) or by email at. The video to the program can be found here:… …basiert on the OPTIFAST the Optifast home program are group programs, whose Erfolge evidenced by numerous scientific studies. …profitiert from the expertise of experienced physicians and nutritionists. …kombiniert a formula diet with increasing physical activity and a durable behavior modification. …ist flexible and time-saving. …bietet individual support via phone and E-mail, as well as comprehensive services. …dauert six weeks and goes through several phases: modified fasting phase with formula products, beginning of the transition phase, completion of the transition phase. …kann stabilization packages, be extended as needed. …basiert on the guidelines of the German society of obesity. …ist the tailor-made solution for efficient weight loss!

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The diet of the Moon is one of the diets more known and more problems that exist. With thousands of fans and critics around the world. As it is based on the phases of the Moon is a diet that changes every year. If you want to follow the diet of the Moon 2011 solo tendras that follow these recommendations. Basically the diet of the Moon is based on fasts and medium fasts. Complete fasts are made during Moon full and new moon. In this fast only eat liquids, no sugar, no added salt, without pulp or fibres. Only liquids. They can be juice, soups, or simply water. During the average fasting which is in the other phases of the Moon (growing and fourth quarter moon) which consists of choosing one of these options: 1. fruit. Up to 5 fruits all day. 2 Salads. A dish at noon and another at night. 3. A yogurt (light) and half pumpkin 4. Gelatin with fruit 5. Only wines (which would make the same fast than the other days). It is a very strict diet but was still only 4 days per month. Although, obviously, better than doing the diet of the moon would be visit a nutritionist and which the US assemble a plan to our measure.

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That Know Egg

The egg is the first organic food on the scale of food that contains all the essential amino acids. Chicken egg has a weight of 60 g. Of which 8 g are proteins spread between the white and the yolk. It also contains a good percentage of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. The egg yolk contains phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin A, B1, D, and E. Yolk also contains about 7 g of fat, 30% of it is saturated fat and the remaining 70% is not saturated and beneficial. It also contains oleic acid, lymphatic acid and lecithin. An alleged egg indigestion can be toxic to the liver. Egg promotes emptying of the gallbladder and may favour a colic. But if you suffer from cholecystitis, gallstones or cholesterol can be calm because the egg contains large doses of choline and metonymy, two amino acids that protect the liver. Hill also stimulates bile secretion and liver function. The boiled egg is easy to digest in hura and media can be digested, unlike that digest a roast you can reach out for 4 hours. Egg white should not eaten raw by its anti-nutritional factors. I hope that these tips on the properties of the egg have been him help. Original author and source of the article

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Clean Drinking Water

Every fifteen seconds a child dies from a disease caused by lack of access to safe water for drinking, poor sanitation or poor hygiene, as the Spanish Red Cross has reported on the eve of World Water Day, which is held on Monday under the theme “Clean Water for a Healthy World.” Given these figures, institutions and environmental organizations and the scope of cooperation have organized various activities to raise awareness of this reality and bring their projects to the Spanish citizenship. United Nations established the World Water Day 17 years ago in one of them will be in Zaragoza on Sunday “the world’s longest queue to go to the bathroom,” to mobilize people and lobby the politicians to act universal access to safe water and safe sanitation. According to United Nations, which established the World Water Day 17 years ago, and half a million children under five die each year from waterborne diseases and 2,500 billion people lack adequate sanitation, of which 884 million have no access to drinking water. The population, agriculture industry and throw out every day two million tons of waste water into rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. To mark the World Day, the Spanish Red Cross, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs, presented on Monday March 22 Strategy ‘Moving through the water “, aimed at promoting public awareness through the dissemination of good environmental practices and responsible consumption of this natural resource. “Saving water ” In the new edition of the strategy, which this year takes place under the slogan “Saving water waste of solidarity”, was carried out awareness campaigns in thirty Spanish provinces and is expected to involve 17,000 people. The NGO Plan Spain, dedicated to working with the most disadvantaged children, also highlights the vulnerability of children in developing countries. Water scarcity and poverty are two factors closely linked and affect mainly the children, causing malnutrition, disease and under physical and intellectual development. The population, agriculture industry and throw out every day two million tons of waste water into rivers Same Plan, which allocates resources to projects to improve sanitation, the Spanish NGO World Geologists since 2004 by leading supply projects water in villages in Mali, one of the world’s poorest countries. Many African populations of the country covered by a third party for the Sahara Desert, have only traditional shallow wells, dug by the inhabitants themselves with the limited means available. In addition, says the president of Geologists of the World, Manuel Carbayo, wells were emptied every year in the dry season or drought between January and May, so that families must travel several kilometers to fetch water daily. Through its projects, communities now have permanent wells that collect water from an aquifer located between 30 and 70 feet deep and nearly 2,000 people benefit from the new facility, capable of generating 136 meters cubic of water daily. Abandonment of channels the other hand, Ecologists in Action has criticized the state of neglect in which they are the channels and Spanish banks, where the government “continue to allow to be built and carried out all kinds of spills and other environmental damage. Estimates that more than 40,000 buildings located within the hydraulic control land and some areas of flood risk. In addition, the WWF said that the situation of rivers and wetlands Spanish is very worrying: are threatened by increased irrigation and excessive domestic consumption, growing along with tourism and the standard of living.

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Bavarian Festival

One of the biggest folk festivals opens its doors again soon the Oktoberfest in Munich. Like every year, again around 6 million visitors from all over the world on the Oktoberfest, unfortunately often brimming with a variety of different viruses and bacteria in tow. Given the large crowds, fungi, viruses and bacteria have easy to spread and multiply. Now a functioning immune system with strong defense forces is needed to resist flu, herpes and co.. So that you the Bavarian Festival fit and healthy are over, here are a few tips: a few days before the first Wiesnbesuch strengthen defenses, it is advisable to strengthen the immune system through the daily intake of vitamin C and zinc. Usually it is enough here, on proper nutrition to make sure with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. For the supply of zinc are foods such as fish, meat, eggs and dairy products. Easy to use and very suitable to the body quickly with all the important nutrients to supply, special supplements and combined preparations containing vitamin C and zinc. During the October holiday season you should pay attention to sufficient sleep, to give enough time for the regeneration of the body. Even if the beer in the beer tent tastes particularly good you should make sure to drink water in between to keep the fluid balance stable, because the alcohol drains the body fluid and can lead to an unpleasant hangover headache in the morning. Herpes viruses and colds leave the dense crowds in the subway and full beer tents and streets between the rides. Surprising there, that viruses there have an easy game, to distribute among the tightly-packed people. For example, the herpes simplex virus, it is cause of small itchy blisters, usually on the lips. The chance to infect the Festival with the pathogen through droplet infection and direct contact is very high. Worse, in addition that the body’s natural defences by stress. Sleep deprivation and alcohol often is not running at full speed and it begins to itch. Trigger for the outbreak are usually too much sun or a weakened immune system, in some people, even the disgust at not quite clean washed up beer mugs leads to the outbreak. Also, flu and colds have an easy time with stress and a weak immune system. Here also often very changeable weather this time of year has an impact on health. Also the differences in temperature between the inside of the beer tent and outdoors. Here a little to relieve the organism, the onion method has proven itself which you can gradually take off the clothes, depending on the temperature and environment or tighten. Every now and again you should treat yourself to fresh air. The air outdoors moisturizes the nasal passages and makes them less vulnerable to invading viruses and pathogens. And an additional, easy-to-use-to tip: don’t forget to wash your hands! Best rather more than too little.

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That Type Of Cellulite I Have

To answer this question it is best go to a specialist: an aesthetic doctor or a professional of aesthetics. There are several types of cellulite: the soft, the advanced, the entrenched. The first State, the soft, shows certain reliefs on the skin, especially if we compress it. The skin begins to lose its smoothness and appears cellulite edema. Soft cellulite can heal or prevent that avenc thanks to beauty treatments, taking a diet rich in water and low in salt and doing some exercise. In the second phase oyuelos or orange skin begins to notice with the naked eye. The skin has a little smoother and somewhat aged surface. The islets of fat cells have encapsulated due to poor blood circulation and the skin of the legs, especially the thighs, are no longer lisoss. A good therapist medical combined treatment can halt and significantly improve this type of cellulite. If you have not put remedy, the process follows its course. The islets of cells grsas encyst because the collagen fibers surrounding them become rigid. the islets are joined between them forming nodules of fat most prominent. Then the pain appears under pressure, because the nerve endings are compressed. The skin where more noticeable the effect of cellulite, has increasingly more worst circulation and therefore is more loaded with toxins, cooler and worst nourished. Skin ages prematurely. If it is not, the cellulite will attack other parts of the body: the buttocks, knees, belly, etc. A specialist who can better indicate the treatment to follow, this cellulite also implies a shift in power, daily exercise and take care of menera.

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The Horses

mash well leaves and untelas in the wound; that the asngre are dry. The birds are looking for his shadow. (.) As above carpet go horses, how much of the lawn. Arriva the currujeyal gives to the blue sky, or the new Palm, or such that gives more fine, beloved bee, flower or the guasima or the jatia. () I see there the ateje, of tall and Petite, Cup of parasitic and while; the strongest Cuban palo away; the thick jucaro; the seedbed, silky skin; the jagua of broadleaves; the pregnant guira; the jubaban, whose leaves layer at back satin tobacco; Mahogany rough rind; the quiebrahacha of striated and opened branches in trunk stiff; the caimitillo, el copey and the itching and the yamagua that tight blood () and for everything there is in the world, even for the Mule that refuses to walk, because the resistance is not but who goes out to travel without the remedy, which is a lemon or two, that remedy is you migrancy and well rubbed on nails to the Mule, and keep walking. The vague light on one side and another of the wide road was all American nature: most gallardos were treading the horses in that floresciente, corsada countryside of mountains in the distance, where the lush mango has foot thick cane: the handle was in flower, and the mature orange tree, and a fallen Palm, with the very root of thread that it turns on even to the Earth () and going talking, honey lemon, which is the very boiled juice curing stubborn ulcers; (()) against a wall broken sleep a stack of guayacancillo, the wood of life, burning like a torch, with his hard heart ()) good mahogany, Captain litter is () see annex plants use Marti describing and found in the mogote; both medicinal as of interest dendrologico.

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How To Increase Height

There are a lot of people, that ansian be a few centimetres more high once they have reached some level of growth and it is almost an obsession paraellos the increase in stature. It is possible to find some treatments and medications to increase your height so that they can feel more satisfied. Alluding to the recommendations of endocrinologists who have tried to establish serious scientific parameters that determine the patterns of growth of a person, you have could apparently set some special conditions that can make someone may indeed have that longitudinal extent requires. In the society in which we live, where it seems that the outward appearance marks our chances of success in life, is not surprising that many people are obsessed with their height and seek how to increase height. To satisfy those who are not happy with your size, a new system of aesthetic medicine allows to grow between 2 and 6 inches without going under the knife.You can increase the height of people injecting in Macrolane heel, a material of long duration (from 12 to 18 months), or Bioalcamid, when permanent effects are desired.In reality the technique is simple: after local anesthesia of the foot, the prosthesis is injected pad that, depending on the amount of inserted material, may increase between two and four inches and dismetrias (tips of different sizes) up to six centimeters in height. After several sessions of increase in thickness are necessary to grow slowly (for a second session or successive must wait three to four weeks). Each session requires approximately 30 minutes and requires no back rest. Source: But there are more most of us has the potential to be 5-10 Cms high.The main problem in our current society, in addition to those already known, is the distrust, the doubt eternal disbelief of the other.This kind of thinking keeps us more and more of our potential to evolve as species grow inwardly and not only physically.Some people come to remove him to the problem of height the importance that truly has a modern and civilized society. But paradoxically, the majority of people who think that way are people of high or medium stature. Original author and source of the article

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Uterine Embolism

Mioma uterine still is one of the problems that more acometem the women. The medical statisticians disclose that 50% of the women have or will have miomas in some period of its lives. These benign tumors, also known as fibromas or leiomiomas, appear in the uterus. The problems caused for them? pains, clicas, extreme bleed, arrest of womb, spontaneous loss of piss, increase of the abdominal volume and still difficulty of engravidar or keeping a gestation? they modify the quality of life of the women. The uterine embolizao of mioma is the treatment most innovative. It is a safe procedure, that offers to a faster recovery good for the patients. He was described in 1995 for a French gynecologist and is carried through for the first time by specialists in interventionist radiology. Mioma and the pregnancy the association between mioma and the pregnancy occurs in 0.13% 7% approximately. In this situation, mioma can determine ectpica pregnancy (when the egg implants in another place that not it uterine socket), abortion, premature childbirth, bleed and difficulties during the childbirth. Moreover, they can increase significantly of size during the gestation, which had to the high hormonais levels. Each in case that she must be analyzed individually, for determination of the treatment necessity. How is made the embolizao of mioma uterine? As mioma is ' ' alimentado' ' for blood, the cut of this suppliment leads to the death of the tumors. The technique of the uterine embolizao is minimum invasive, carried through under local anesthesia and it does not need points, therefore cuts are not made. In the region of virilha, where she passes the femoral artery, the interventionist radiologist makes a small puncture, of in the maximum 2 millimeters, by where a catheter is introduced. Guided for an equipment of digital radiology with high definition of image, the specialist leads the catheter until the artery that takes blood to the uterus.

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