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Beautiful Nails

The main decoration in the daily or evening option is nail art. Stylists are advised to use the most lush and vibrant and natural colors of paint – purple, red, green, lime, celadon. And the squeak Fashion – a combination of a pattern on your nails and toes and golden sand tones. Floral motifs common elements of summer nail design – flowers. So let blossomed nails tulips and poppies, but not primitive, but with traced stamens and heart. In the brilliance of precious gold and silver ornaments are in fashion, and therefore, matte gold and silver are welcome and nail art. Unusual shades with a matte effect on the nails will be primary decoration. In everyday manicure is not recommended to abuse rhinestones, better to give preference "Bulyonkov – fine sand or holographic glitter. These elements can be emphasized form flower, or highlight it middle. In addition, they can be used to lay out and the free edge of nails. The simplicity and elegance of French manicure a variety of variations and shades is still probably one of the major fashion trends of the season, the preferred female half of the world! Any pastel colors fit for a classic jacket. Ffrench-design refers to the execution of the various components of the tip of the nail with paints or acrylic. Fan jacket – another kind of French manicure, differing from the traditional colors. In this variant, and the tip of the nail, and the other part of it – color.

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Biomedical Problems

In the north France have been heavy snowfall. Snow cyclone has not spared any of the Western European countries and reached the green island. In Ireland, on the roads – drifts, drifts, sleet and many kilometers of traffic jams. New techniques calculation of environmental damage. Garbage in garbage. World Day of the wetlands. PHOTO. How to protect yourself from the cold? Unnecessary stuff sells on the Internet. ‘Ekoterroristku’ sentenced to 22 godam.Zasypalo snow and Iberian poluostrovNovye methodology for calculating environmental damage. Garbage in garbage. World Day of the wetlands. PHOTO. How to protect yourself from the cold? Unnecessary stuff sells on the Internet. ‘Ekoterroristku’ sentenced to 22 years .. Residents of Spain are advised not to drive because the roads a mess. In urban services has no strength, no time trying to cope with the effects of snowfall. Snow fell even at the resorts – and the Canary Balearic Islands. About how a few hours to England and France filled up with snow, look at our new methodology for calculating environmental damage. Garbage in garbage. World Day of the wetlands. PHOTO. As protect themselves from frost? Unnecessary stuff sells on the Internet. ‘Ekoterroristku’ sentenced to 22 godam.Fotofakte: Europe filled up snegomNovye methodology for calculating environmental damage. Garbage in garbage. World Day wetlands. PHOTO. How to protect yourself from the cold? Unnecessary stuff sells on the Internet. ‘Ekoterroristku’ sentenced to 22 years .. Russian scientists began to experiment to study the long-term effects of radiation on living organism at the Institute of Biomedical Problems, RAS new methodology for calculating environmental damage.

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It does not advance to complain of the infertile harvest if behind the plantation occurred there of desvirtuada form. As in the soccer the ball it punishes, in the life is not different. In one year, you it can have 11 months and 30 days of many disillusionments, sadnesses and of arduous battles. But to the times one day only finishes compensating. looks at that they can be simple things, small facts, but that they mark and that they forever leave in the wall of the nailed memory that good day. In one year you can lose everything, you can until losing yourself. Low materials, irreparable changes of jobs, losses of wanted beings can occur, can until happening of if getting passionate for the missed person, for who never such feeling would be imagined and to have that to suffocate, to hide, or worse, to hide themselves The rejection, the frustration, the accomplishment, everything this does not make to darken the way, therefore to the times she is necessary to recognize that necessary of professional aid. It is not shame or demerit to recognize itself weak or excessively alone to the extremity to be able to give account of the life. although this everything It is the life! You chose to plant this, you do not advance to complain of what she is harvesting. Clearly that to judge they go you for the consequencia, never for the cause. To speak in culprits is easy, but to understand the reason of that is that of the work. Therefore, if of the work, it is more easy to ignore, to reject, to turn the face, to say that it does not want to know more, to find a thousand arguments empty, to only say ' ' not, I do not want seguir' '. At last, she is necessary to have courage to give one is enough. To make the line of cut between what it is love, what it is friendship and what is not nothing beyond utility. It is suffered very when cutting of the proper meat, but it cuts a sofrvel bond and that it only makes to ache and that hurts the heart very. although this everything It is the life! It has errors that they are favourite, but only for this fact they do not have more being committed. It leaves of side it makes what you to suffer, leaves of side makes who you to suffer. It takes for you your life! It takes for you your way! Solitude? It is good for recognizing itself alone to the times, therefore it will have time to reconstruct itself as person, as human being, as somebody that still it searchs and it can be happy, why not? The life is there, and although this everything that has happened in your life, is the life! pretty of it perhaps either this, not to have fear to face people, exactly that they not believe more you, despite you not have lesser utility for they (either complete useless), because after seeing this, of enxergar that she took difficult but necessary a decision, you she will feel that she made for you, for plus nobody. of this everything what it is your life, of plus nobody It is your resigned and hurt heart They are the scars left in you, and plus nobody

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Body Expansion

There are many questions that all us asking us, about the origin of life and if we are children of God or simply belong to its intrinsic nature, in which we hallariamos immersed. This sequence of multiple guesses, lead us to establish hypotheses, with greater or lesser degree, to thus be able to endorse them with a trial of certain scientific objectivity. If we establish certain parallelism between us and what we see us around, we will find many similarities, in their global process, which would force us to think, if we are not part of one larger, in which we would be including body and we are therefore moving by logical parameters to your sequence and necessary consequence, progressive evolution and growth. Let’s all this, applying elements that allow us to travel to that parallel world, that takes place in our own body. If we go back prior to the birth, we will see that of relative nothingness, is formed and is born a new being. This expansion or Big Bang hypothetical, allows the development and evolution of the matter, which is taking shape, space and as a result of this, the time will be born. This micro universe, with everything integrates, partially, complete with the birth of the new being. But the process has not finished, its expamsion and evolution will continue and will accompany us until death. Within this micro cosmos, everything is changed, born, grows, evolves and dies. The global expansion and the greater distance between all the elements that compose it, occurs as a logical and necessary reaction to its evolution. This in turn generates a hyperspace, which will be stopping and slowing down, as they pass the years or units of time. To recognize this movement and review everything that integrates it, birth, expansion, evolution and continuous changes in the processes that move it, leads me to be able to think of a great similarity and thus establish the correlation between us and the world that surrounds us.

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Wayuu Energy

They are four in the morning on a Monday in January and our vehicle moves down the path of Earth, stones and dried herbs of return to the city. We have been for several days visiting a wayuu community where we share pleasant moments and we could meet some of the usages, traditions and customs of this people who clings to his identity to preserve the historical and cultural legacy accumulated over hundreds of years. We have taken very well time and thanks to Julio, a cacique careful in taking care of their children, nephews and other members of his kindred, we had access to cemetery, del corral of the goats, the jaguey, dance of the yonna, preparing chicha and the gatherings several relatives of which they had to make do with some few words that we understood the language of the ethnic group. After this wonderful experience in which we have passed one of the best vacations we love a little more to this town that has withstood all tests that time, violence, and the greed of the invaders with courage did you. Even have superimposed to the intense and prolonged droughts which in some years has supported the region and that they have been able to withstand thanks to his patience, fortitude and a very particular style cope with their daily lives. The wayuu Indians have always lived with scarcity and therefore have learned how to make proper use of its scarce resources. Thus are true experts in the rational use of water, in the minimum of charcoal Act and into the adequacy of their homes to seize the direction of las brisas and have a fresh atmosphere amidst strong temperatures in the middle and the upper Guajira. They, like no other, and without learning from anyone are specialists in energy efficiency for several reasons. The need has been his teacher and the shortage his University. Let’s explore together the Wayuu universe in relation to the efficient use of forms of energy at your fingertips. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, the Ethics and human development. He is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences, forums, and other academic events. Get in touch with him through corrreo or call cell 300 8055526.

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Biologically Active Substances

It is produced in the form of tablets frame, and his reception preceded the use of nano-sorbent Gutta Viva, which prepares the organism for the assimilation of biologically active substances (and, as we have said, in products for ophthalmic practice it is important task). As with any product of elite lines, complex Vizus combines the highest efficiency, comparable with the effect of drugs, with absolute safety, since its formulation is based on the use of active substance of our diet. If we talk about the action Vizusa, its multi-component composition can influence the different causes of visual dysfunction and a positive effect on visual acuity. Special attention should be proved as a result of its influence decrease spasm of accommodation. Cyclospasm is the most common cause of reduced visual function. Typically, it occurs as a result of increased eye strain, a long and intensive work with a computer and papers, the lack of proper daily routine, fatigue, injuries, bad lighting. As a result, people may lose the ability to see clearly distant objects, or to celebrate an unequal visual acuity on the part of one of the eyes, feel the cramps, pain and discomfort. Another terrible consequence of established spasm of accommodation is unabating night headache pain, the cause of which is sometimes very difficult to detect. Timely internal environment saturated with vitamins, micronutrients and other beneficial nutrients can reduce complex Vizus severity or even prevent the development of spasm of accommodation and its consequences! Who should pay attention to the complex Vizus? Thanks to high speed to achieve the biological effect of complex and multilateral action Vizus recommended categories of people whose professional activity is associated with an increased load on the organ of vision or in senior management positions. If you care about your health and you have no time, they say, "Save on time" – it's your choice. Of great importance is the inclusion complex in Vizus remediation after the operation in front of people of all ages, including the older generation. However, given metabolic features of the elderly, spetsialistyKompanii Artlife recommended to reduce the dosage of the complex with the simultaneous extension of the course of treatment. The principle of "low dose – long courses," so far is the gold standard in the approach to rehabilitation of the elderly. And once again turn to the people who find it difficult to part with such an addiction as smoking. The basis of the complexes of the elite lines laid a strong Antioch sidantny complex "Tsifrol-5." Health program based on complex and Vizus Spirea will help you significantly improve your health and prevent serious problems in the future. Natalia, thank you you for a detailed account of the Company Artlife complexes. What else is important to remember all the readers of our magazine? Proper diet and use of dietary supplements may be a good preventive measure in against eye diseases, but often to stay healthy, we are required much more effort. Charging, fresh air, the rejection of bad habits, positive attitude should be an integral part our vital programs. Unfortunately, even the best doctors can only refer a patient to a healthy lifestyle. Will there be people to follow their recommendations, has been dependent on him. Let's remember this!

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ALEX Clubs

Fitness Clubs Network ALEX fitnes is spacious, bright rooms, modern equipment and of course a nice purification. Coming to our fitness club you can not only achieve the desired results, but also a good time and get a lot of new experiences. Clubs ALEX fitness – it's an individual approach to each client, a wide range of services and truly affordable prices! Coming to us in the bar, Alex, you can get an interesting dialogue and de-stress after a busy day. And if you want your children also grow up healthy and confident – bring them to us and the result will not wait! Our sports clubs of St. Petersburg are so comfortable that You will quickly and easily be able to reach a fitness club in your area and spend more time directly training. Idustriya Fitness in St. Petersburg developed well enough, but unfortunately not everyone can afford fitness clubs class elite and premium. Our fitness clubs combine affordability and quality. Fitness is no longer just a fashionable trend. Everyone understands the need for physical training. One has only to start and regular classes fitness will be included in a habit, especially since it does not require large expenses. ALEX fitnes fitness clubs is a network of St. Petersburg with a decent service, great rooms and affordable prices. Begin to do and you will feel a surge of strength, lightness and freedom. in the fitness club is not necessarily 'die' on strength training to which you may still not ready, or until exhausted to walk the walk, maybe it's best for you dance? .. is all try to make the right choice. We are waiting for you in our fitness club, and wish him success in the classroom in fitness!

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When the database of symbols made to these animals grow up we will need a good technology to answer them quickly and appropriately so that we understand. The great enigma will be knowing what It is the first thing you tell us, maybe tell us that they are a superior intelligence and that they not try to dominate and enslave other animals. Anyway this sounds like science fiction, but the truth is that the iPad is being incredibly useful to people like Jack and also magicians. All is possible if we have the appropriate iPad applications. In our daily life we also find many uses for iPad. Goodreader is a vital application on your device to access and view all kinds of documents and files, making it an essential tool for any Secretary/a. When you have a meeting you won’t have to carry the Briefcase because won’t need any paper or document all essential information already carry you in your iPad thanks to this set of iPad applications. A luxury is for example present at a meeting, by referring your documents for your participation in the discussion that takes place and taking all sorts of notes and notes, without pen or paper. You can then send emails of your annotations with a simple copy and paste. Everything will be more comfortable having for iPad applications suitable for this kind of task. I recommend the Daily Notes application which is very useful for taking notes at any meeting, separated by departments. Consists of five parts: journal, body, toolbar, tabs and calendar. It is very effective to have everything organized since every day has its book, so never mingle to be separated by days and months. It is an application of notes that you can separate creating tabs. These are just a few of the uses that can be made with the iPad applications.

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It is advisable to wait at least a week, but better – two of them. Give yourself time to relax, disconnect from the last rhythm of life and gain strength. It is desirable, if possible, to completely change the situation – it would be good to rest somewhere outside the home (a trip to the sea would be ideal). During this time, go slowly old patterns, you will be a fresh look at many things, including job search. Will be an inspiration – and it is very important. Allow yourself to think calmly and decide what you really interesting. What you're interested would do? What are your skills you can apply? How can I do? If you can disconnect from the old stereotypes, it is quite possible, you'll discover something totally unexpected for itself. Quite it is possible that your talents, which for many years waiting for their applications will emerge in full. Do not be afraid of radical change in the field of activity. This is normal. It is simply a departure from established patterns. After all, each and every exceptions sane person wants to work on an interesting paper for him and get a lot of money. So why not try to follow your interest? In this situation, it is helpful to refer to a coach. Coach will you understand yourself, to determine exactly what you want, what you need and how to achieve it. Working with a coach gives consistently good results, lets all spread out "on the shelves," to outline a clear action plan and find resources for implement the plan.

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The Energy

If one loan attention to the measures that it has been taking Lula, will find that they are not arranged randomly, but that everything is part of a comprehensive plan for sustained long-term growth. Lula knows the strengths and weaknesses of Brazil and knows where are the opportunities to make his country a world power of once and for all. Lula raised strategic axes of the Brazilian economy. The energy topic and food are key issues for Lula. In relation to the energy issue, since it more than two decades that in Brazil the oil activity, with incentives for exploration is encouraging. The results are obvious: Brazil is about to be a world oil power and up to da taste of trying to join OPEC. But that isn’t everything for Brazil in this aspect. The country started on tip in regards to development of biofuels. All of this without mentioning investments being promoted in the field of electrical energy and the momentum towards the internationalisation of the electricity companies of Brazil. On the other hand, Lula knows that another major challenge for the world will be food, and is why that you intend to Brazil to become the breadbasket of the world (and going up to be undoubtedly). While in Argentina is becoming more serious problem with beef, Brazilian refrigerators are expanding at a fierce pace, buying other companies in several countries in the region and increasing its export destinations. Lula also realized the benefits of internationalization of private companies and is therefore that it is determined to support them. It has even created a sovereign Fund by $20 billion, which, among other objectives arises the support the internationalization of Brazilian companies. With all this, what else did you missing to Brazil? You must have no doubt that limit external vulnerability and develop key areas that every leading country. So it is that with the new industrial development policy seeks to make companies more competitive and achieve them will launch a new markets to expand the range of recipients of Brazilian products.

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