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The Way

And it says my daughter – a super good reason – that would be something to do, but at the same time, with any other thing is quite normal. That's a combination of the right but not very interesting cases in the first place was to increase their motivation, sorry if no zaum just want to do is not very pleasant things. By the way while it was engaged anger has passed, at the same time and worked until walking shoes selected, worked once again moving meditation, a very interesting thing I say. Record of 4 September 12 issue of liability for a person choose their actions in out of difficult situations whether it is recovering from chronic illness, or dealing with family or business problems, perhaps the most complex and difficult to answer. nowledge. Indeed who is responsible for that people were laid off or became ill after being poisoned with chronic gastritis poorly cooked food in the cafeteria? On the one hand, man can not in any way affect the work of cooks and development economic situation in the factory or in the country, on the other hand, actually is a man chose for himself was this restaurant and it was this work. Regarding disease situation is more complicated, since the existing traditional way of life, most of them harmful to health. Existing at present values in a society the cult of money, the cult of pleasure that comes from the basic principle of modern society, human- who at the time of death has amassed more toys (money, cars, office, women, business, home) – this is what causes the people in pursuit of achieving success in life begins to work to the detriment of their health, for self-realization, for his family. .

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