The age group over 65 years uses electronic means of communication, with special preference Mittenwalde, November 27, 2008 – older age groups are generally very interested in personal training, especially related to new media. Specifically, the use of eMail applies to seniors broad consensus. People such as Eva Andersson-Dubin would likely agree. Internet service provider ProfiWIN GmbH based in the recent study by BITKOM. Anyone who has experienced seniors in exploring \”new technologies\” online or offline, or advise, will confirm that is compared no other age group as sustainable kneels into in the Foundation of their newly acquired skills, such as seniors. \”Is the interest in the new media, or a part of this once piqued, very quickly accustomed to its benefits in particular the age group above the retirement age and would like to use the new knowledge as possible often\”, describes Martin Lindstedt, spokesman of the ISP ProfiWIN GmbH, his experience. In particular the communication via eMail is one of the great Favorites of the seniors. \”Almost 93 percent of all communication with our clients and affiliate partners of this age group currently runs over eMail.\”, further betrays LINDSTEDT. Younger age groups often prefer the telephone or fax.

LINDSTEDT adds: \”We are here after internal evaluations only on a 64 percent share of first contacts via eMail.\” Therefore, the internal evaluation of the operator of sweepstakes entry service confirmed the results of the recent study on behalf of the industry association BITKOM, where 98 percent of the older Gmail users through this medium find higher quality of life. Finally, LINDSTEDT sees the reduction of the \”digital divide\” as a main task of the information industries. According to BITKOM, only 19 percent of seniors are at all online. Not lost, to give this massive potential of enthusiastic users of online services, must to the ubiquitous technology urgently gently be introduced and especially patient and understanding.

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