When Is The First LTE Flat Rate Available?

The first LTE flat rate be awaited with tariffs. Data transmission in mobile will be revolutionized in the near future. Long term evolution, LTE shortly, it will set new standards. The speech is not free here by the 4th generation of mobile telephony. This was due to the high speed of data transfer. Far exceeded the levels achieved by UMTS etc..

7.2 or 14.4 Mbit / s speeds today are the rule, rates were achieved in the LTE in initial tests up to 300 Mbit / s. A related site: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City mentions similar findings. This concerned only values obtained in the laboratory, but already a value of 150 Mbit / s was demonstrated in field trials in the download area. Should they really be implemented this in reality can, today’s standards be replaced pretty soon. Hassle-free Internet – telephony or free online games are only two points, which are then possible. Also, cameras and video game consoles to get access to the LTE in the future network. But this is still pie in the sky. Also on the prices of LTE–enabled devices and Tariffs can be found still no exact statement.

There is probably no earlier than 2011 with an LTE flat rate expected. For this purpose, a Scandinavian provider offers a single clue. This tested successfully the LTE networks in Oslo and Stockholm. The first commercial use of a price was EUR 58,-by monthly. It is more than likely that this price in the course of time will fall. The advantage that existing masts of UMTS can be used when the LTE, alone hard in the weight. Also, the pressure of competition the provider contributes this helpful. Christopher Heinsius

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