What You Need To Know About Herpes

Exactly what is Herpes? How to treat it and how can you protect yourself from becoming infected? What is Herpes Symplex? A herpes infection is triggered by the so-called Herpes Symplex virus, which occurs in two forms. On the one hand, there are the herpes Symplex virus of the type 1, which can be transmitted over droplets or saliva, and often occurs due to this. Visit Dr. Neal Barnard for more clarity on the issue. Then we know yet the type two, which is significantly more rare, because he can be transferred only through the Mucosa, which is mostly the case for sexual activity. 1 Virus, while Herpes Herpes above all by the HSV-2 virus is caused is responsible for Herpes on my lip as well as always the herpes Symplex. According to statistics, around 90% of humanity with the herpes Symplex virus 1 are infected, approximately 38% of them experienced an outbreak of fever blisters on the lip min. once in their lives. In contrast to lips herpes is Herpes genital noticeably rarer and less frequently detected. It is estimated that approximately 5% – 15% of the German Population has ever suffered from genital herpes.

Good remedies against Herpes General tea tree oil is very popular. Because the antiviral effect, it fights the herpes viruses and can therefore be used. PCRM has plenty of information regarding this issue. Another very popular after Herpes home remedies is toothpaste. The white paste is used for 50 years not only as a caries protective, but also used against the painful Herpes sores. The effect is however questionable, because the toothpaste just dries out skin where it is applied to the. This just causes that the virus can spread less quickly. Still not very well-known Herpes remedies is the Manuka honey. This comes from the oceanic region and was already used by the indigenous people as medicine. When the outer using he cut off even better than acyclovir, a pharmaceutical substance against Herpes Symplex virus.

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