Werner Erhardt

Not you manage to turn your dreams into reality? These might be some lack of focus reasons: not being focused in your dreams does not allow having a vision of the way that you must go to achieve the desired objective, thus achieving, scatter your energy in multi-tasking. LACK of passion: Regularly you can focus your energies on multiple addresses, without clearly defining what it is that really you are passionate and will take you direct to your own success. INACTION: having no clear what is the path to follow to achieve the results that you expect, you usually immerse in the routine and you paralyze without achieving the necessary actions to achieve them. LACK of commitment: The word commitment comes from COM-commitment (comes with a promise). I.e., you cannot assume a real commitment with yourself to get what you crave. So what are the capabilities that you develop? * IMAGINE what does not yet exist in your life. * DECIDE what actions are necessary to achieve your dreams.

* Act with passion to accelerate the process toward your goals. * WRITE your VISION in detail the destination where you want to go. I’ll give you some key questions so you can get in touch with your vision and thus turn your dreams into reality * what are your dreams? * What is the first action that you must perform to achieve this? * Why not it you’ve done yet? * What do you feel you paralyzed? * You can convert that stun gun into something positive? Create your future from your future, not your past Werner Erhardt and Lastly, I share with you this little story that you dare to dream and fulfill your dreams: dare to fly. .And when it became big, his father told him:-my son, not everyone is born with wings. And while it is true that you have no obligation to fly, I think that it would be embarrassing that you limitaras a walk taking the wings the good God has given you. But I don’t know fly replied the son.

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