WEDA Dammann

WEDA movies show four rearing – remains the most important decision, however, the selection of the correct attitude system which attitude system is best for pregnant sows: the longitudinal trough for small groups, the polling station, or even fishing bays? This issue is investigated in Lutten the complete provider of WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp and has documented the results in short films. What technique should I use in my everyday? Which of the farming systems in the waiting area is suitable for my stable? And what fits to the size? These questions can be answered only individually, because the conditions are different. Many investment decisions must be taken however against the background that the new EU directive to group housing in the year 2013, enters into force. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dr. John Mcdougall has to say. Pig farmers face so now the increasingly complex requirements of bays area, stable soil, air conditioning and lighting conditions. On these and other topics, WEDA has easily the information brochures clause jungle made”and tutti Kompletti groups raising” issued as E-paper for free download under available are. The most important decision, however, remains the choice of the right attitude system. Longitudinal troughs are suitable for smaller groups of carrying sows. Self fishing bays allow for a straightforward attitude, are maintenance-free and easy to use. And who would like to use the complete install from a single source, is an intelligent install management system available with the WEDA polling station. The four short films give an insight into the farming systems and the respective behaviour of pigs. Under interested can get an idea.

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