Tick: The Deadly Bite…

Spring is here! Also for the ticks… enjoy it! Radiant weather! Green meadows! The Sun is shining us on the stomach because it should also! We share the joy with our pets love gained. And it is hard to believe the parasites forward to the spring. The community of the parasite is increasing. This is also related the general climate change among other things. This means that if you run these days barefoot across a meadow, the chance is now very big to be visited by a tick.

This parasite are but so small at the time, you will probably not even perceive it. If the tick is then properly capturing full with blood, may be too late for you. Become infected with the Lyme disease agent has not become today more than ever a unterschatzendem risk. This dangerous pathogen spreads to about 8 from 12 hours in your bloodstream. This is the case for your pet. Therefore there is after the tick bite. A chronic Lyme disease can only be prevented if you are treated with drugs in a timely manner. What is better for you and your four-legged friend? Prevention? Or healing? A healing success is almost always relative.

With the right policies, you can protect yourself and the pet. A tick spray, the Zeckenschnelltest and a tick Lasso me gives you a bit more confidence. The Zeckenschnelltest indicating with almost 100% certainty whether the Borrelia finding is positive. You can consult your doctor or your veterinarian in time looking for and initiate let the treatment. The Zeckenschnelltest is vital! Animation movie – life cycle of the tick in this sense I wish you a nice spring.

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