Tick Bites

To respond correctly, if you need to treat a tick bite. When handling the tick card make sure tick card that you put them flat on the skin and then lead the opening of the card carefully to the tick. Slide the vent below the tick. Now slide on the map and remove so the tick. Should get stuck the head or other parts of the tick, go immediately to the doctor! Tick tweezers can be by a tick tweezers are also very easy to remove a tick. To do this, use a conventional tweezers never and when purchasing the tick tweezers that have holes on the caliper.

Plate clamps the ticks, like the Tweezer, are squashed and dispose of all bacteria and toxins into the wound! Take the tick tweezers, and open it. Lead them now vertically from the top to the tick and close the pliers only if the animal directly into the hollows. Now without pressure, but with a slight rotational motion in the direction of a turn. Slightly pull back, but not jerky tear. Applies also here: stuck parts of the animal, go immediately to the doctor.

Should the animal completely been removed be, disinfect the place and observe them! Even after days, yet reactions to the bite of ticks can occur, which must then be examined by the doctor. Learn more about ticks bite ticks live in tall grasses and can put off so easily on animals or people. Ticks are very small and are therefore often not immediately discovered. You have to keep the possibility in the clothing and from there search for a suitable location of the bite. Has to bite the tick, you should remain calm and not attempt by pulling or dragging to snap the tick from the skin! This could remain the head of the tick in the skin.

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