The Sunday

It will ask how to do it. In many occasions you are has been looking without seeing, without warning what was happening to her around, just thinking of something, with a concentration that sees it in reality in front of you. In those moments you dropped in a sort of dream. Your rational mind is then somewhat numb, allowing you to wander through his thoughts or feelings, which occur by itself alone. While she dreams awake it is completely absorbed and is kept absolutely immobile. But this is only possible when there is no concern. As soon as you start to worry, will also begin to shake.

We must deal with and not worry, deal with the things that we must do and not worry about the things that we cannot make or change. To understand the concept of not worrying about things we can’t change, that and not allow that it invades the negative sentiment, I will cite an example. He had planned with my children in the weekend we would go fishing. We spent the week preparing rods, hooks, you will reread them and every detail, we had taken into account. Last night we prepare the tent and food to carry. That morning to lift us, we realized account that had begun to raining, however went ahead, charging in the car all the things that we had to carry.

But every time it rained and stronger. The children started to become ill and to mourn. What would have you done in my place? Without knowing what you are today learning, we would have embittered, both children and I. But, why allow that time, which is something that I can not change or manage, ruin me the day we wanted to enjoy with the kids?. And it is here that I am not going to allow something that no operation, nor can I change affecting this day. Without download the auto – as children they had helped me load – and using the garage that I left empty, we got to assemble the track of cars and we were all day, running races, eating the same meal that we had for fishing, and about the evening as a surprise for them, I brought home some of their friends. That day could have ended up as a sad day for all, if we had allowed the time, which is something that I can not handle or change, will affect me. The Sunday dawned very nice and we went fishing, we have of course not carp, because us not be to sleep, but something that was very bad, all ended very well. Original author and source of the article

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