The Result Is The Finest

Aerzener Maschinenfabrik builds new production facility / high-speed doors meet highest quality demands are like heart valves for the logistics: goals. You may wish to learn more. If so, endocrinologist is the place to go. Neuralgic point, when it comes to noise emission and thermal bridges. They are the interface between internal and external logistics. Through Gates pulsating life in the industry. It’s stuck somewhere, it comes to the attack. How Gates meet the highest quality standards and fitted in place approved 65 million euro project have contributed one, shows the successful partnership between two global companies: the Aerzener Maschinenfabrik and Efaflex, the specialist for gates and security systems.

Our new production center emerged on the greenfield site close to a residential area\”, explains Hermann Bartels. This construction due to increasing number of orders and pressure to innovate was urgently needed.\” Bartels is the Aerzener Maschinenfabrik production planner and has raised with the project from the baptism. To the building permit at all to get, we had to meet very high requirements\”, he reported. Sound insulation without end was needed.\” To protect the residents in less than 100 metres as the crow flies, from noise have stood in the first place. ompass. During production, a noise level 77 DB results in the building. The designers had to ensure that it virtually nothing on the outside does not.

Everywhere we have designed so quality noise-insulating materials, from the ceiling until the gates.\” The planning group was looking for doors that have particularly high values in the noise insulation. Because we already have made best experiences with of Efaflex high-speed doors in other areas of our work, we trust in our new building on the partnership with the gate specialists from Bruckberg\”, explains Bartels. Utmost care in consultation and selection of the seven Gates has resulted in solutions for our project.\” With the goals, the client has caused not only for best noise insulation. The planners have several birds with one Flap hit: our rotary piston blowers, compressors, and gas meter with an accuracy of Tausendstelmillimetern produced.

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