The Patient

The attainment of small profits in the beginning of the intervention is fundamental at the beginning of the treatment in order that the patient perceives that the beginning of the treatment is certain assumption change. B) Phase of chemical decontamination. The objective is to eliminate the physical dependency. It lasts between two and four weeks and in her it is eliminated syndrome of abstinence associated to the alcoholism. This phase can be developed in ambulatory regime whenever the patient has a good motivation for the attainment of abstinence and near familiar support that helps him during the chemical decontamination or in regime of internamiento when the patient has difficulties to obtain to abstinence.

The syndrome of abstinence from the alcoholism is very aversivo. For this reason, it is recommended to use tranquilizers that lack addictive potential Clormetiazol and Tetrabamato, interdictores drugs of the alcohol Disulfiram and calcic Cianamida that produces aversiva reaction when spirits are consumed and psychologically they facilitate the extinction of the ingestion, and drugs directed to the control of craving or anxiety to drink Acamprosato and Naltrexona. From a psychological perspective, the use of relaxation techniques can help considerably. Finally, the rehydration of the patient, a rich diet in mineral salts is important and therapy with vitamin B. When the regime takes in ambulatory regime is necessary to resort to the family or the pair so that they act of cotherapists outside consultation.

It is necessary to inform to these about the characteristics of the alcoholism and the importance of his paper for the attainment of abstinence. If it is possible, the cotherapist has to live in the same address that the alcoholic patient with the aim of in situ taking a control of the drink habits of the patient. In this phase one inquires to the patient and cotherapist into the characteristics into the syndrome into abstinence from the alcohol, the duration approximated of this one around dos-tres weeks and from the importance that the overcoming of this phase in the recovery process has.

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