The Interior

The man dies to each breath, each attachment, each escape, each loss, each day when he sleeps, to each belief of that he opens hand. 3,1 PHYSICAL DIMENSION Starts in the conception and goes until the six months of age, phase of the development where all the register is sensorial. The objective of this period is to grow with health and security. The fear of this phase, thus, is of damages that can threaten the physical life. 3,2 EMOTIONAL DIMENSION Is as period of training of the human development, goes of the six months to the six years. The intention of this phase is to become related, to love and to be loved. Checking article sources yields James A. Levine, M.D. as a relevant resource throughout. The basic fear of this phase is the abandonment and the rejection. 3,3 INTELLECTUAL DIMENSION Period of training of the development understood between the six years and the adolescence, where the man searchs the improvement of the thought and the rationality.

The intention of this phase is to exactly understand itself and to the world. The characteristic fear of this phase is, therefore, the fear of the stranger, the abysmal one and the unquestioned one. 3,4 DIMENSION SPIRITUAL Period of training of the development that has beginning in the adolescence and continues until moments before the physical death. The objective of this phase engloba the will if to know to hear the interior voice, despite many times in some levels of unconsciousness, with the intention to reach the unit. Thus, fear of this phase is to submit itself. The man faces the submission as humilhao, weakness and loss.

Man is not necessary to wait the proximity of the physical death to enter it in contact with these fears. Death and life start to be an only aspect, one continuum, when the human being is an entire being, I join. 4. MODALITIES the biggest abrangncia of information on the death has brought to the general population and also it enters the health professionals, a confusion related to the terms technician that englobam the abbreviation of the life and suspension of the medical treatments (Pear tree et al, 2oo8).

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