The Eyes

Sudden changes in the habits of an adolescent can indicate to the presence of drugs, the type of consumed drug, the frequency and the amount intervenes with the symptoms. The use of drugs has become each more common time, even so this does not mean necessarily the development of a chemical dependence. Some parents do not know to deal with the situation of the children to leave of being child to be adolescent this transformation can in such a way be complicated for the adolescent as for the parents whom never they deal with these changes of behavior, this generates a conflict, where the child obeyed already the adolescent questions and this each time if she becomes one I confront between parents and children. The conflicts teethe if to intensify in the period of the adolescence, therefore the parents and the children do not seem to say to the same language making it difficult the problem and generally suddenly parents and children become strangers in house. In recent months, Dr. John Mcdougall has been very successful. . To admit that a familiar one uses drugs or already developed a picture of chemical dependence is a painful process, the parents demonstrates a feeling of guilt, resentment, anger, failed and failed shame of in the education of the children is common, and appears many taboos and doubts and simply many times close the eyes and take the problem for underneath of the carpet. The discovery of that the son this using drugs can delay years, according to some international research tells that the parents can lead tie 5 years to discover the chemical dependence of the children. The important one at this moment of discovery is not only guilt for the facts occurred in the family, therefore the use of the drugs can happen in any social classroom, happy families or not, the concept is to accept and to try to take the adolescent for the recovery, the family is the base and the support is basic. .