The Energy

If one loan attention to the measures that it has been taking Lula, will find that they are not arranged randomly, but that everything is part of a comprehensive plan for sustained long-term growth. Lula knows the strengths and weaknesses of Brazil and knows where are the opportunities to make his country a world power of once and for all. Lula raised strategic axes of the Brazilian economy. The energy topic and food are key issues for Lula. In relation to the energy issue, since it more than two decades that in Brazil the oil activity, with incentives for exploration is encouraging. The results are obvious: Brazil is about to be a world oil power and up to da taste of trying to join OPEC.

But that isn’t everything for Brazil in this aspect. The country started on tip in regards to development of biofuels. All of this without mentioning investments being promoted in the field of electrical energy and the momentum towards the internationalisation of the electricity companies of Brazil. On the other hand, Lula knows that another major challenge for the world will be food, and is why that you intend to Brazil to become the breadbasket of the world (and going up to be undoubtedly). While in Argentina is becoming more serious problem with beef, Brazilian refrigerators are expanding at a fierce pace, buying other companies in several countries in the region and increasing its export destinations. Lula also realized the benefits of internationalization of private companies and is therefore that it is determined to support them. It has even created a sovereign Fund by $20 billion, which, among other objectives arises the support the internationalization of Brazilian companies. With all this, what else did you missing to Brazil? You must have no doubt that limit external vulnerability and develop key areas that every leading country. So it is that with the new industrial development policy seeks to make companies more competitive and achieve them will launch a new markets to expand the range of recipients of Brazilian products.

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