The Baby

We must insist on that baby let the mania since it is more difficult that the withdrawal of own pacifier and the child can reach the preadolescence with his finger reflex, in addition to hiding and do it in private because you already know that such conduct is not appropriate. On the other hand, there is a less frequent habit that parents must be detected in time it is the suction of the language. Some children who suck your finger, can be sucked later language giving feeling to parents that the habit of finger has already disappeared. Another problem, quite harmful for the teeth of the infante is wet pacifier with any substance sweetened like honey or milk. This behavior derives most rookies parents or the transmission of old customs that’s your own baby, so your assignment may be easier.

When must you leave the soother? There’s a time defined for this but medical recommendation is that from 2 years pacifiers is unnecessary, and Moreover, can be detrimental as they are the typical deformations of the previous open bite, the advance of the upper incisors, the dental arches and other alterations. A clear example of this, is that the child can not bite a slice of ham because their lower teeth do not contact with superiors. This will affect the facial growth giving it a unique characteristics to the child’s face. In the Today, the corrections with orthodontics have greatly increased since they are the first aid to rebuild the affected area and a powerful alternative to abandon any kind of habit. In short age and very marked habits without children, we are on time prevent orthodontics simply modifying the pacifier. Your modification (can consult with your pediatrician) will cause the child already not feeling satisfaction with it and stop using it. If children are older and habits if that marked its deformation will be larger and Orthodontics will require fixed or mobile devices to correct the zone and return to the correct dimensions.

Therefore, it is recommended from two years will see a specialist to perform an initial examination dentofacial and prevent future malformations that will surely be more expensive in the future.

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