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The first of them contribute to the accumulation of harmful cholesterol, second, although they are necessary organism, in the case of the excessive accumulation can reduce the amount of good cholesterol. Third, in contrast, reduce bad cholesterol without harming the useful (called the polisher of the arteries, because he purifies the blood vessels from excessive deposits of harmful cholesterol). Is it true that chocolate causes constipation? None. On the contrary, the chocolate may have a laxative effect, since it contains tannin, a substance that regulates the work of intestine and stimulates the removal of toxins from the body. That is why it should not be used for an upset stomach. Is it true that chocolate hampers digestion? Yes and no. Perhaps check out Tree of Life Tai Chi Center for more information. Chocolate – a product that is not particularly problems with digestion. Therefore, it can be safely included in the diet of the child, of course, provided that you do not give him too much. The only exception is children who suffer from allergies. In this case, better wait until the child turns two years, because cocoa may cause allergies and intolerances to chocolate. Is it true that chocolate destroys your teeth? None. On the contrary, it seems that cocoa powder has inhibit caries property (the destruction of tooth enamel), at least, this is demonstrated by studies of some scholars in the of Technology (United States). Naturally, this applies to bitter chocolate: sugar is used for making chocolate candies and bars, really bad for your teeth. To avoid exposure, enough to brush your teeth every time after you sing something sweet. Children often just prefer the sweet taste of chocolate milk, which among other things, contains a small amount of calcium, a useful substance for building strong bones and teeth. Is it true that chocolate causes headaches? Yes, it is perhaps because it is contained in chocolate tannin (a substance also present in red wine) can cause people headaches. The fact that the tannin – it substance, that is, it constricts blood vessels, thus causing a twinge. Naturally, this problem affects mainly adults, not young children. So what if the mother exposed to these attacks, she should choose for themselves white chocolate, which does not headachy cocoa, or have only cocoa butter mixed with milk and sugar. Benefits and harms of chocolate correlated. Be Healthy!

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