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Pears and Weight Loss

The pear is an indicated fruit to become thin, with its nutritious properties, very few calories and low in sodium, in addition she is purifying with diurtico and ideal effect to be able to lower of weight. The pear can be found in practically all the countries and is important to include it in our daily diet due to all beneficial properties for the organism. He is ideal for the people with problems of slow digestion thanks to his composition in pectina that in addition aid to maintain the good sugar level in the blood, therefore can be ingested by the diabetics. Also it is important to regulate the cholesterol level and as far as the diets to become thin, thanks to his high fiber content it helps to produce satiety. On the other hand it is a good antioxidant that fights the free radicals preventing the cellular aging. In its nutritional composition we found a good amount of water, it provides energy through its glucose and fructose and has 30 calories each 70 grams, therefore she is low in calories and indicated for the regimes of to become thin. In spite of being rich in sugars it is tolerated by the people with diabetes. Between his mineral salts they stand out magnesium, the phosphorus, I hurt, the calcium and the potassium, all are complemented acting in the formation of the bones and the good operation of the nervous system. Between its vitamins we have the vitamin To, vitamin C and the folic acid, soon also we found in the pear essential fatty acids and amino acids. Besides being indicated as a fruit to become thin I took part in the constipation, in the retention of liquid by its watery composition, in the problems of the digestive system, in people with vitamin deficit To, in the anemia, arthritis and the goiter. The fruit is indicated for all the people of any age but especially for the first childhood and the children who are in the stage of the growth because he acts on the bony formation and the nervous system, for that reason is important to include the pear in our daily diet from the childhood to the third age. Original author and source of the article.

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