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Food At Home

The food constitutes an important factor and is by which we are going to speak at home of the food. Nowadays we lived in a climate of constant change, this at any moment takes to us not to be able to occupy to us of significant details in the feeding, and often him loans the attention necessary not to prepare it since we do not have the sufficient time. This factor is very important for our beauty, since the beauty that we own is the product of the due attention, the care and the interest that we dedicated to our body. In order to accentuate it or to obtain it, we needed to worry about certain cares, first of them is the feeding, which is the main base to have a smooth skin, smooth and clean, as well as a shining hair and showy eyes in our face. In the first place we must pay attention to two essential aspects regarding the foods that we ingested, these are the amount and the quality. Both are very important, since the quality of the food, its nutritious value and calories that contain us will be able to allow to eat just a little bit more of some that of others even if it is only in minimum proportions. We already can at home find restaurants of food in Madrid, with plates very varied and healthful that will help to maintain the beauty and the ideal figure. It is good for knowing that several plates, besides being delicious, hide a high nutritious value. The food at home facilitates the task to us of preparing them at the same time as it extends the variety of foods. Learn more about this topic with the insights from CPIC. Many of them are ideal and to resign to them would be a mistake. It is necessary to balance the diet and to complement it with physical exercise. At the time of eating we will do, it with the responsibility of knowledge that is going to leave to track in our physicist Good or bad? That will depend on our election. The variety of restaurants healthy of food to take as well as of plates that there are nowadays, will help to maintain a diet us balanced and varied. The next time that you watch yourself in the mirror and you see guapo/a that you are, acurdate of your restaurant of food to take nearer, and of how you have been able to be thus.

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The Patient

The attainment of small profits in the beginning of the intervention is fundamental at the beginning of the treatment in order that the patient perceives that the beginning of the treatment is certain assumption change. B) Phase of chemical decontamination. The objective is to eliminate the physical dependency. It lasts between two and four weeks and in her it is eliminated syndrome of abstinence associated to the alcoholism. This phase can be developed in ambulatory regime whenever the patient has a good motivation for the attainment of abstinence and near familiar support that helps him during the chemical decontamination or in regime of internamiento when the patient has difficulties to obtain to abstinence. The syndrome of abstinence from the alcoholism is very aversivo. For this reason, it is recommended to use tranquilizers that lack addictive potential Clormetiazol and Tetrabamato, interdictores drugs of the alcohol Disulfiram and calcic Cianamida that produces aversiva reaction when spirits are consumed and psychologically they facilitate the extinction of the ingestion, and drugs directed to the control of craving or anxiety to drink Acamprosato and Naltrexona. From a psychological perspective, the use of relaxation techniques can help considerably. Finally, the rehydration of the patient, a rich diet in mineral salts is important and therapy with vitamin B. When the regime takes in ambulatory regime is necessary to resort to the family or the pair so that they act of cotherapists outside consultation. It is necessary to inform to these about the characteristics of the alcoholism and the importance of his paper for the attainment of abstinence. If it is possible, the cotherapist has to live in the same address that the alcoholic patient with the aim of in situ taking a control of the drink habits of the patient. In this phase one inquires to the patient and cotherapist into the characteristics into the syndrome into abstinence from the alcohol, the duration approximated of this one around dos-tres weeks and from the importance that the overcoming of this phase in the recovery process has.

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Emotional Health

The present document looks for like first measurement to define that it is I mistreat, later to resist this concept with the punishment, and to realise its respective analysis and differentiation. In order to begin to define I mistreat, the definition given by the Colombian Institute of Bienestar was mentioned Familiar (ICBF) in who assumes this concept like all action or omission that interferes negatively in the healthy physical development, mental or emotional of a minor, caused of intentional and nonaccidental way by an adult whose taken care of is the boy or the girl; generating slight, moderate physical injuries or of great intensity and manifolds conflicts in its affective life, such as frustrations and traumas of emotional order. The mentioned thing previously shows that the most important characteristic of I mistreat is related to the blocking of the healthy development of the dimensions of the person. Therefore, he is vitally important to analyze the types of I mistreat that they exist to have a clear vision but than means this concept. The ICBF (2000), establishes different forms of I mistreat which were mentioned next: I have been mistreating physicist For reference to the provided physical aggression to a minor, caused of intentional way on the part of the parents, people of the familiar group or caretakers. It can be of slight, moderate intensity or burdens and its old, recent occurrence or appellant. I mistreat psychological or emotional one talks about to an aggression the affective life of the boy, which generates manifolds conflicts, frustrations and traumas of emotional order, in temporary or permanent form. In these cases, the conduct of the aggressor is other people’s to all constructive, educative or protective sense towards the minor. I mistreat during the gestation Are those conducts that by action or omission agreden to the pregnant woman putting in danger the normal development of the fetus.

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