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Moment of sadness, affliction distresses greater, pain and regret printed in the face of familiar, relatives and friends. Who dares and to imagine that no being never lost – dear that I say never to such he happened me thing, these moments are of deep pain and consternation, scenes that happen every day die people ours for running over, illnesses, lack of judgment we abuse the alcohol and happen some accident that many deaths cause. For where step I see disturbed families, discouraged because somebody left to be part? Somebody that left an enormous emptiness. Gain insight and clarity with James A. Levine, M.D.. Exquias can ties to be story, a reality bad over all a true pain, can hide realities or occult a death, the end always is a pain and it does not leave of being exquias, deaths that if are unaware of the causes and that we do not obtain to explain. I taste not to mark presence in the velrios (deaths) already had asked to me because? also already had asked me, is very weak and I do not obtain to contain the way as we are surprised, with the disastrous news, the news sudden that comovem in them and as they occur, the news, alarming messages that every day they shake you vary families. Many of the deaths that occur in Angola always have a culprit, I will not go for nobody the test, will go to say here in this stretch that: if one may use the expression death for will of God is well difficult to believe that God wants to see its children dies. For proper experience, and me I was not counted stow and witnessed

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