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In general terms, the majority of people can take taurine supplements or consume energy drinks without fear of side effects from this compound. Normally, a person can consume about six grams (0.21 oz) per day or less than that without any health problems. But it is possible that a person may experience taurine side effects to consuming large amounts of the supplement. Fortunately, the taurine in excess is removed from the body in the urine, so eat a little more than she is not a big problem. Taurine is an amino acid that is found in the body and can be ingested in the consumption of meat and fish. In the human body, taurine is present in muscle tissue, in the bloodstream, and in the nervous system. ven P Rosenthal Northland. Many people take supplements of taurine in order to improve their health and have better physical and mental performance. Often, people consume taurine in energy drinks. These drinks usually include a variety of other nutrients, as well as a significant dose of caffeine, so it It is also likely that to consume this beverage types may occur some of the negative effects of caffeine but moderately as sensation of insomnia. Hear from experts in the field like christopher ridgeway for a more varied view. restlessness or, perhaps, difficulty concentrating. On the other hand, a person who takes prescription drugs should talk with your doctor about side effects taurine if he wants to eat the type of drinks that contain it. It is possible that taurine can interact adversely with some types of medications or have unexpected effects in certain medical conditions. For example, a person who is taking blood thinners, which are drugs that prevent the clotting of blood and platelets, helping should know that taurine can thin the blood, why should ask a doctor if this amino acid is safe to consume. Many people feel worried about the amount of nutrients that are consumed in energy drinks, already some substances can cause dangerous side effects. That is not the case of taurine. In general, beverages Energy contain much less than six grams (0.21 oz) of taurine in a single drink. What is more, the taurine extra leaves the body in urine, reaching more than six grams (0.21 oz) per day. Many health officials recommend limiting the use of energy drinks, however, due to high doses of other nutrients, combined with caffeine, can have negative effects in some people. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are advised avoid the use of taurine. There is no evidence that the side effects of taurine would adversely affect children no infants or babies. Until research has not shown that its consumption is safe for babies, according to some doctors think that it is better to avoid it.

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