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Antioquia Department

Carlos Mora Vanegas this year has been very negative for the FARC who has not only suffered serious casualties in combat, but have dropped you some of their figures. Everything seems to indicate that the actions of the current Government of President alvaro Uribe, among them the promise of reward such as Karina, release of some detainees, constant persecution where manifested fight giving low guerrillas, it has had its effect. The recent case is the Nelly Avila, alias Karina, who in a news conference in Medellin (Northwestern Colombia) on 19 May 2008, said that the guerrilla group is fractured and denied having participated in the murder of the father of President alvaro Uribe in 1983. What does the defection of Karina represent? What’s happening in the FARC? Has the guerrilla group is disintegrating? what is your future?, there are many questions that occur to the reality of the present Cabe noted, that Karina, a few days ago killed her lover Alias Esteban or Bolejas, who was a native of Algeria, Antioquia, and served as second ringleader of the 47 crew, which arrived in mid-2001 and in December of the same year took over as direct ringleader of personnel with a square. It is known was the sentimental companion of terrorist Nelly Avila Moreno, alias Karina, for whom the national Government offered one million dollars. The terrorist was syndicated from installation of minefields in the municipalities of San Francisco, Sonson and Narino, in the Antioquia Department. us review, which they accuse of massacring civilians and kidnap prominent personalities. His delivery is up to President Uribe in the most intimate. With a syllabus which includes dozens of murders and several kidnappings of prominent personalities, the defection of Karina, the ringleader of the FARC that yesterday surrendered to the Colombian army, is much more than a symbol of the progressive deterioration of the most powerful guerrilla of Latin America.

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