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The combination of Chi, Qi And Prana, Improves Vitality

Research company proves the effectiveness of photon energy Niederndorf / Tyrol – Zaro Biotec in practical tests, a biotechnology company in Tirol proves the actual presence of life energy based on practical experiments. In the simple case studies we the actual effectiveness of life energy can be experienced and the positive results visible. This was a healing effect to show up in various trials not, but there are unique results in which photon vibrational energy in the human body is detectable and identifiable. The Meridian diagnostics indicate the energy increases in the body organs and cells respond to seemingly biological light radiation. These findings can be interesting in coming years, what will be pending but many medical studies. However all other interactions observed in various experiments, which are unspektakularer but for this more demonstrable on first glance. What assumptions to the reader through the results of these tests in terms of the potential impact allows this energy on the daily life, remains up to everyone. The first step was to find a medium that has the property to absorb life energy (biophotons) in high concentration and sustained store, to make them available again at the desired moment. Under most conditions McDougall Program would agree. This focused the company on new ways and began to experiment with different plastics (polymers and polyamide). The results have been amazing. The resulting materials left after numerous attempts with zero accumulate energy. The evidence provided in test series with various liquids such as water, alcohol, and common food again. By bringing together energy-enriched polymers via organic photon radiation and various foods, amazing results came to days. The zero point energy enriched plastic parts managed to give a much longer shelf life to the used food. While we’re talking about a natural shelf life, without unnecessary additives. \”We took two cups with milk for the first attempt. In one, we placed our Eclypsi which was highly enriched with zero point energy.

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